Nice jitter level for a high speed burn :iagree:


Is the MIT Sony DVD-Rs any good?


I think that we only talk about MIJ here. MIT Sony is my give away media.

I think it scans just as well, but the longevity is questionable since it’s made by either lead data or Daxon (I think).

If I had choice between MIJ and MIT it would be MIJ sony.

MIJ 16X DVD+R can also be T03. I’ve seen it with my own eyes :wink:

Round or octagonal spacer ?

I have seen it also but only very rarely and it was at Staples and they only had 1 spindle and they were 39.99 so I did not buy them.:disagree:

No kidding, you can get 100 of the printables for not much more than that.

Octagonal spacer. Saw them in

[B]DELETE PLEASE?[/B] :flower:

Octagonal spacer. Saw them in Sears.

Are you sure they were 16x and +R? and octagonal spacer?

Not trying to sound cynical, but I’ve never seen a Sony T03 report in North America. TYG02? Yes. TYG03? Yes. YUDEN000 T02? Yes. YUDEN000 T03? No.

You should have bought it, taped your receipt to the spindle, sat it in a corner, then waited for Sony media to go on sale at Staples again. Staples has always had regular periodic sales on Sony media, so the chance to get such a rare spindle of that media would have been worth the 2-3 week wait for a price match.

You’ve got to think beyond the bounds of linear time.

Pretty freaking sure :slight_smile: I didn’t even consider buying them because IMO there are much better choices for 16x media. And the fact that I’m overstocked on media as it is :stuck_out_tongue:


Why does Sony only put is MIJ DVD-R in 10 pack boxes that cost alot?


Cause people buy them. Not everyone uses 50 DVD or even 25 DVD cakeboxes. People who do not know better buy them. Sony is not the only one with 10 packs that cost alot.:disagree:

I really never thought of it like that. I have so much MCC004 and Yuden000-T02-000 that I never would have considered spending 39.99USD on media that I can buy 100 of at Rima for almost the same price.:iagree:

What stands for the “D” in the MID??

Made In Denmark??? hahahaa

[QUOTE=mabhz;1979293]What stands for the “D” in the MID??

Made In Denmark??? hahahaa[/QUOTE]

This is not " Made In " abbreviation , it is Media ID :bigsmile:

Thanks, minaelromany!

But I still dont get it: how can the media code ID be SONY16D1 and MID at the same time???

Someone on this post comments that the Sony DVD-R 10 packs with blue labels are usually [B]MID[/B], and Id like to know if that is a good or a bad thing, because im not familiar with the MID media code, and Im seriously thinking about purchasing these 10 packs, because my 50 pack of no-label Sone16D1 are behaving strangely during transfer rate tests!

Thanks for any info!!

MID = Media ID = SONY16D1 , SONY D21 , MC004 , DAXON AZ3 , CMC MAG M01 , etc etc :slight_smile:

Thee is no MID that says MID :bigsmile: