MIJ SONY-branded discs: Sony mediacodes vs. Taiyo Yuden mediacodes?

If you had to choose between the two flavors of Sony MIJ 16x DVD-R media, one being made by Sony, and the other being made by Taiyo Yuden, which would you choose?

The cons against 16x -R TY (TYG03) is that it doesn’t burn as well as the 8x -R (TYG02), plus, there are various concerns about bonding issues, which might affect media longevity.

Sony-made MIJ media is generally considered to have good bonding, and it burns quite well in quality writers.

Has TY slipped so much that one should make the choice of getting Sony MIJ that is not TY, instead of the Sony branded TYG03s?

Note, because there are still some folks who are confused, let me make myself crystal clear: we’re only talking about Sony MIJ media, which comes in two flavors, a TY version and a non-TY Sony made version. Please refrain from any talk about Sony MIT media. That’s not what this is about. Thank you.

For 8x, I would definitely go with TY, for the 16x I have been hearing good things about the Sony produced 16x media, so I would probably go with it. I’m partial to the 8x media though given the cost, wide availability of sales, ect.

One is TYG03, and what is the MID of the other 16x -R MIJ you got?

Please refrain from any talk about Sony MIT media. That’s not what this is about.
I got SONY16D1 in 50pack spindle MIT.

Anyway, both SONY16D1 and TYG03 are very good at 16x. The TYG03 at 16x write speed gives lower average PIFs on most of my burners so I would go with TYG03.

I’m not too worried about the bonding issue.

Sony uses the same media codes for both it’s MIJ and MIT non-TY media, which is why they are irrelevant. Both the 16x MIT -R and the 16x MIJ -R will have the same SONY16D1 code. The same appplies to the 8x media.

A related question… I just bought many spindles of Sony DVD+R media (50 pack spindles) at Staples in the USA. All are MIJ and some are 1x-8x and some are 1x-16x. Besides opening up the package and running a disc through DVD Identifier, does anyone know exactly what the media code is for the media? Could it vary?

I’ve seen no evidence that TY G03 burns “worse than” G02. Especially at 16x.
At 12x, they are virtually identical in some burners. Don’t blame the media for inadequate firmware support.

That said, as far I’m concerned, any MIJ media is a good choice, and price would be a bigger consideration than the maker. The differences in burn quality are small, and drive-dependant.

The Sony MIJ 16x +R will be Sony D21. Excellent media in most drives. Sony MIJ 8x will be TY.

chronicled here is my first write of this 16x +R MID, on teh trusty LiteOn 1633S@1653 CSTR.

Sixteen Speed +R MIJ : Sony Style!

/me is thoroughly excited by these events, to be sure. :wink:

Is it good media ?
How does it compare to TY ?

Word around the CDFreaks campfire is that the 16x +R TY Sony discs are non-starters.

Am I naiive in assuming, then, that the D21s are presently one’s only choice in US Market MIJ 16X +R?

As far as the Sony 8x TY +Rs, I have none to analyze.

My TY 8x +R experience comes via MIJ FujiFilm discs, MID YUDEN000-T02.

K-Probing away at 4x presently - scan up next. :slight_smile:

D21 = teh win

Any other TY vs D21 street brawl reports out there?

SO Much DRAMA - which MID will be champion?



[/banzai mode end]

What brand is the TY sold under ?

??? :confused: What threads are you referring to?

Also, you YUDEN00T02 scan is so awful that I’m tempted to think that this is FAKE TY media. Never seen anything but excellent scans from genuine T02. :disagree:

Except maybe T02 burned at 16x in the wrong burner.

Of course :wink:

At 16x we usually see high spikes at the end.

You guys are so quick that instead of editing my post, I’ll add this here:
Merged two threads related to Sony vs. TY Sony-branded MIDs… :slight_smile:

That’s why I asked about the brand , I have 10 sony FAKE TYG02 Made In China that are very sh!tty that I use them for porn :o

If the discs are fakes, SONY has nothing to do with it, so the brand is rather irrelevant. Bought in spindles I guess? It would be interesting if you could post an image of the packaging, references etc… :iagree:

Hey, you should definitely be using quality media for storing your porn! :bigsmile: