MIJ, MIT or MIC SD cards?

Does it make a difference?

Since we can’t “burn” them, than maybe not? :bigsmile:

LOL :bigsmile:


These terms often refer to cd & dvd media, flash media is differentiated by brand name only and type

I guess we could burn them, probably stink. :Z As long as people don’t start sniffing them we’ll be ok! :stuck_out_tongue:

of course this would null and void the warranty

Unlike CD and DVD recordable media, quite many flash memory chips are also made by US and South Korean companies.


Hynix and Samsung , who together accounted for over 60% of global NAND sales in the first quarter of 2006, as estimated by iSuppli, are said to be sparking a price war. Industry sources observe that Samsung is quoting its single-level cell (SLC) NAND at a level similar to that of multi-level cell (MLC) solutions, in an attempt to avoid losing customers and attract more orders.

A large amount of my cards [labelled china/taiwan] are made with SAMSUNG chips - in fact - samsung chips seem to DOMINATE the market! I haven’t opened a card in my house that didn’t have a samsung chip in it - from an old KingMax 64MB to a new corsair 1GB SD 133x which failed … [though a Hagiwara Sys Com did have a TOSHIBA and so did a TGE MP3 Player]

Now I have been googling a bit and found out that in the early days (about three years ago) some users complained about incompatibilities with some Pocket PCs and MIC or MIT cards :slight_smile:
Wonder whether this depends on the COO or the manufacturer though.
Samsung chips shouldn’t be bad… I wonder what SanDisk uses though.