MIJ Maxell DVD+R,take a look!

Just buy a MIJ Maxell DVD+R media it’s 8X media and it’s come with 10 pack cake box.Below is the media info and result,just take a look.
Thank you. :bow: :bow: :bow:

After you guys take a look on it any comment about it?And is it Maxell is a good media?
Thanks for replying.

it’s a good scan, but not anything spectacular. Look at the “post yuour scan thread” to see how yours compare. TY would produce a better scan.

@warezzz: you should better show us the “Drive Capabilities” Tab and the “Media Code Block” Tab … “Status” Tab is the most uninteresting of them :wink:
Does the BenQ allow 12x or even 16x on this media? You should burn one of the disks at 12x and scan it, this would be interesting to see how good the media is!