MIJ Maxell 4x DVD-R Media... Should I keep it?

I stopped by at Future Shop on the way home from work, and picked up some Maxell DVD-Rs. I looked around for +r, but none were made in Japan. Anyways, I did manage to find some MIJ ones, but for -r.

My question now is whether I should keep these. The packaging says MIJ but I can’t see the marking and have no idea whether they are TY or Maxell discs. I’m currently running an 812s @ 832s, and it has some problems burning ProdiscR03 -r media which no one else seems to have. Is it worth taking the risk with the Maxells? Also, in either TY or Maxell scenario, is it safe to burn them at 8x even though they’re only rated for 4x?


I’ve been using MIJ Maxells and they work very well on my 1633S, and the KProbe scans are much better than the Ritek G05s I have.

I wouldn’t try to overspeed either TYG01 or MXL RG02 on an 812S; stick to 4x.