MIJ FujiFilm CD-R Still Exist?

I haven’t purchased any CDs for about the last 6 months. RiteAid, where I have always bought my favorite media, TY made FujiFilms, is running a $7.99/50pk special (w/ their rebate). I’m only seeing Made in Taiwan and Malaysia FujiFilm CDs! Are the MIJ still available, has anyone bought one recently?

Last month I got 7 case Fuji TY CD-R from K-Mart
it is start replace MIM but still lots of Fuji TY CD-R in stock K-Mart
may on sale this month again I guess :iagree:

Over here in Canada they still sell Fuji “Photo Grade” CD-R discs…
Those discs are MIJ by Taiyo Yuden…

I’ve seen lots of MIJ Fujifilm cds in Best Buy, Maxi and The Source in Montreal, Canada.

I bought the Fujis at Maxi, joseph5…
Avoid The Source at all costs… I worked a few years there :stuck_out_tongue:

Bought them at K-Mart about a month ago.

I didn’t see any yesterday at all 3 K-Marts near me :frowning:

There was [B]not[/B] MIJ anything.

Plenty of Made in Malaysia :Z