Might want to get that Benq1655 now



Newegg will have a code from March 17th to I believe the April 27th that is suppose to be for free shipping on most items. I can’t see DVD drives being excluded.

Anyway give it a whirl.

Code: PCG10406

Taken from fatwallet.com

If they don’t raise prices to compensate then I might just finally cave and get the 1655 and not wait for the 1650.

Right now March 16th the OEM is $50 with free shipping.
The Retail is $53 with $6 shipping.

I am pretty sure they raised the prices since yesterday. The “instant” $8 savings is gone.





$8 savings is back but shipping cost is back and promo code is a no go. Also if you add the “free” 10 CDs in the combo it adds $4 additional to the price.

Something is not quite right. Wish I had bought 2 at the combo price of $49 although $53 is still a pretty good deal.


So it’s a no go after all. It seems everyone was confused over this ad. Here is a post from Newegg explaining the issue.

Hello FATWALLET forum members,

We just wanted to clear up a misunderstanding about the promo code found in the latest issue of PCGamer.

The promo code that was advertised in PCGamer is intended for free shipping on select AMD processors. The promo code does not apply to any other items other than the ones in the advertisement. Please review the AD for specifics on which AMD cpu’s qualify for this offer.

Thank you all for your attention to this matter and we apologize for the confusion. Please feel free to PM us if you have any further questions or concerns.


Newegg Customer Support
–“Once You Know, You Newegg.”