Might want to get a new DVDRW drive

I have had enough with this drive, the latest firmware is on, the bought a new cable, and am still getting shitty speeds. Am now re-installing COD4 MW and it’s taking like 30 so far with a about quarter to be done, you can read my post from below link (won’t be buying another sony branded drive):

I have been looking around and like the Lite-on drives.

If you guys have any other brands suggestions for IDE drive that will be reliable and burn when I need: movies, data, music.


Anyone, has any good UK model suggestions?

I understand your frustration.
I have a brand new Asus DVD drive & it’s no better than my second hand 2 years old Sony & neither are flawless performers!
I did a bit of research recently & I discovered that most modern drives are designed & produced driven entirely by price, so you can not expect improved performance or build quality over older & better drives not built price compromised.
Amazing I know, but that was not my conclusion, rather that of the techie people at CD diagnostics who market programs to fix the shortcomings of moderm CD/DVD read/write devices.
I ws advised to buy a Plextor & be prepared to pay 2 or 3 times the typical price - it was said this would be a wise investment over time but I found this out too late.

Plextor you say?
Hmmmmmm… will have a look. :slight_smile:

You should know that Plextor stopped making drives years ago and now resell other manufacturers drives under their own name (usually (always?)Lite-on)
You still get to pay two to three times the typical price though!

@ Robski,

As Forum Member Aramchek states in posting #5 ‘Plextor’ DVD Burners are in name only now. The last DVD Burner actually manufactured by Plextor was Model Number PX-760 (Spring of 2006). All other ‘Plextor’ DVD Burners after Model Number PX-760A are rebadged Drives actually manufactured by various other DVD Drive manufactures usually Lite-On.

Suggest reviewing the below CDRLabs Web Link for information concerning Plextor rebadged Optical Drives ->


Thanks didn’t know that, haven’t kept up to date with technology really, need to do some mental updates as to who is still in the business. :eek: :doh:Not in the market for blue ray just yet.:stuck_out_tongue:

So what drives would you suggest, :)I think I’d pay good money if the drive warrants it.:iagree:


Any suggestions guys? Even thinking of SATA drive but am not sure on which ones are good, actually not sure which (either ATA or SATA) are good all around drives for burning and reading different makes of media, cheers guys.:slight_smile:

PATA: Optiarc AD-7200A
SATA: Optiarc AD-7240S

I hope this isn’t a Sony drive? if it is, is there anything else? I got one (just over a year old too) now and it’s crap with sloooooooooooow read and write speeds. :frowning:

If I may ask one more question:

  • (Not sure on that function that permanently destroys DVD disks) or which drives support it.

PATA: Optiarc AD-7200A
SATA: Optiarc AD-7240S

(Links for reference, might get it elsewhere)
This is the SATA drive

This is the PATA drive

As far as I’m aware Optiarc is Sony as of sometime last year, on some sites it’s being displayed as NEC. Are these drives definitely made by Sony or NEC? Also as the model number isn’t the same, would you say that there is much difference (ignoring the interface) in real world application use?

How do they perform, so far found few places and prices are very good :slight_smile: Not sure how good the review or more like how reliable and unbiased is for CDRLabs for both these drives is , can you rely on what they tell you, even though it reads pretty favourable for both.

Another question, what about the actual NEC drives, anything worth a look?

In your other post you said you have Alcohol installed before you buy a new drive I would uninstall Alcohol and the SPTD drivers that it installs because I was having a simaler problem ripping using AnyDVD uninstalled SPTD and started getting swice as fast rip speeds

also Opti drive control is not very good for doing TRT on my PC doing TRT with Opti the drive hits about 4x max on a DVD+R DL but using Nero Disc Speed 5 it gets up to 12x using the same disc and drive

I know this post is getting little old now but forgot to answer you, thanks for the info. Why I’m asking is that I did have a different drive before this one a Pioneer and before it gave up the ghost it was working fine and was speedy as normal and I had Alcohol installed as well, is this something new added to alcohol in recently say in the last 1.5 years, as this Pioneer was fine till it completely stopped reading disks of any kind, tried it on another Pc and it was same thing as on mine ad that had no Alcohol installed at all.