Might piss some of you off, but oh well

Hey, I was wondering that when I am going to make a music cd (my band)how can i stop people from getting the songs off the cd and making them mp3s? Is thre some kind of portection. Thanks

Yeah right!

Think of a protection that works and you’re a billionaire.


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Protections are to be cracked

and the defend rest!

After burning, break the disc in two…that should do the trick.

He nostrufo do you got the whole version of digital 1200sl or do you got the crack or the url to dowload?

TheScape http://www.scapewarez.com --> totaly new!

TheScape: http://kickme.to/Freewarez

helaas hij staat er niet bij

Whope, i forgot to write english : It isn’t there

TheScape http://www.scapewarez.com --> totaly new

Hey scape buddy, it looks good , now i have to change the url to your link

Hey Kikling don’t you or your punk-ass crew understand that this forum is about CRACKING protections and other stuff, and not making protections, so you and you bitch-ass band can get the fuck outta here !!!

Methodman :- typical newbee reply thats going to make you alot of friends on this forum (i don´t think)…

The forum is for help on all topics not just how to crack protections, it is also a forum where constructive replies are expected, and not the place to shout off at the mouth with unhelpfull and verbaly abusive posts.

I suggest you take your own advice and get the **** outta here.!!! and find a forum more suited to your mentality…

Lets all applaude Ph0enix for his insight! Yes!

Maybe you should apply for Administrator phoenix…

But I agree with Flipmo…nicely spoken dude…

As for method man, I hope you learned you lesson and be nice in the future.

Sies:- Maybe you should apply for Administrator phoenix…

What and deprive you of your position!!! ha ha ha …

Just hate to see posts like that on this forum…