MIDs used/first MIDs used?

Mine were Apple branded Maxell (back in early 2002). Expensive, as all Apple items.
Last summer I found Apple 4x media at an Apple Store but the prices were outrageous, something like $12.00 or $15.00 for a 5 pack. Of course, I didn’t buy any.
(and I can still find 8x apple media at Frys’s, expensive too)

I knew about good and bad MIDs (obviously not near to the extent that most of us know now though), quality scanning, and so forth but I wasn’t willing to pay the high prices for better quality media at the time. :stuck_out_tongue: I wasn’t burning critical data to these discs so I was willing to accept that some of the discs would burn marginally and that stability could possibly be an issue. I scanned a lot with a Liteon DVD-ROM early along with TRTs so I could still track stability and get a sense of burn quality. I’ve been pretty fortunate, I’ve used many different media codes and a lot of low quality media and I’ve been able to avoid data loss with all but a handful of discs. And I’ve never burned a G05 despite all the media codes I’ve used, thankfully. I’m pretty amazed that most of my faked, some even translucent 1x and 2x discs are still readable, though some only barely so (they were not handled or stored kindly either). Using good burners that could handle poor media was definitely helpful in why they’re still readable IMO. I didn’t start using good media until 2.4x and 4x discs (RICOHJPN R00, R01, CMC R01, TTG01, etc.).

Correction, this was my first write-once MID. Before that, I used a Ricoh 4x DVD+RW that came free with my DVD Recorder.

I didn’t know anything about MIDs or quality scanning when I bought my first DVD burner and media, a Lite-on SOHW-811S and Ridata-branded Ritek G04. That was a marriage made in hell. I burned about 10 discs before I gave up, discovered CDfreaks, and bought an ND-2500 and some Verbatim-branded MCC-002. Kinda funny, but that Litey was around until a few months ago, when I forgot it had originally been an 811s and tried to mod it into an 832S. Oops.

Here’s a very limited list of influential media for me:

Ritek G04 --> made me think DVDs were never meant to be burned, only pressed.

MCC-002 --> cheap and reliable on an ND-2500 and 2510. I bought a heck of a lot of this stuff.

T01 --> for a while Samsung rebranded this stuff, and Newegg must have sold me thousands. The last Samsung spindles I bought were crappy BeALL, and I’ve never bought Samsung media since. I rediscovered a stash of T01 in the garage. Must have been hiding it.

Maxell 002 --> bought it at CostCo whenever I went. This stuff has held up beautifully.

MCC-003 --> beautiful burns on a PX-712A @ 12x. I still have some MIS left but keep 'em for nostalgia purposes mostly :slight_smile:

T02 --> I bought a LOT of FujiFilm 8x +R because it was TY. When that dried up, I started buying from Rima/ACCA.

DAXON AZ2 & AZ3 --> burn and toss use, the MIT is actually pretty decent stuff. Used for transferring data and backing up databases at the office.

MCC-004 --> I bought a 50pc spindle from Newegg, tried it on my PX-716A, and bought 20 more spindles after trying them out. They were all CMC PAPA discs, but the stuff that’s being produced now doesn’t seem as nice as the older discs.

I always thought that DAXON AZ2/AZ3 are MIM (Made In Malaysia) :confused:

I’d have to say not :disagree: I don’t think Apple made DVDs. I have some Apple branded 4x -Rs which are re-branded Verbatim MCC01RG20.

Datawrite -R 2x (PRODISCG02). Awful junk. 50% coaster rate.
Bulkpaq -R x4 (PRINCO). Not great, but still readable after more than 3 years.
Verbatim +R 4x (YUDEN000T01) Very good.

The BenQ branded DAXONs I’ve bought in the U.S.A. have always had MIT on the spindle sleeves. I’ve never had the pleasure of trying MIM DAXON media.

I’ve read before that Benq MIT media is actually manufactured by Sony Taiwan and even some Benq -R 8X media had Sony MID

I bought a NEC 2510 and a 100 pk of Ridata RicohjpnR01’s from Newegg and had no idea what i just bought till i came here. Later sold the 2510 to a neighbor and it’s still burning.

I bought my first DVD burner when the first consumer model hit the market here. It was a horribly expensive (especially when looking at the prices now and realising that it’s just a few years ago) Pioneer A03. Whopping 2x DVD-R and 1x DVD-RW :bigsmile: 1000 Euro :sad: But it earned its money back by all the wedding DVDs I made with it :slight_smile:

The first DVD-R I burned was a Pioneer disc that came with the burner. MID 00RG200. I still have it, maybe I should frame it :bigsmile: Although I didn’t pay attention to the MID at the time. I just heard these expensive Pioneer discs were the same as somewhat less expensive Verbatims and I continued with those. Until I upgraded to a Pio 106, and I needed ‘cheap’ 4x media. C’t tests showed the Maxells were good - MXL RG02, and I used a ton of those. I switched to Plextor (TY) later on.

Looking back, I’ve been incredibly lucky using top notch quality discs and not once have I strayed from the straight and narrow :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Considering I didn’t know much about it and at best just followed some advice from C’t magazine…


The first MID’s i used were…

Packard bell branded - 2.4x - RICOHJPN R00,
Maxell Branded - 4x - TYG01 (although i didnt know they were TY at the time).
Verbatim Branded - 2x - MCC 00RG200

All were from 2003ish, maybe slighly before… Looks like i was a lucky first time buyer…Well sort of… my burner was a BTC :doh:

^Hehe… same here. First burner was a BTC.Got rid of that quick for a L-O 401@811!
Media - Imation 4X +R - RicohR01. If I had known how good they were, I would have stocked up!

My first CD-R I ever bought was sold as Memorex 4x and doesn’t have any MID on it… kinda strange. My Samsung SW-408 seemed to like them, though.

@ minaelromany: here’s a MIT BenQ 8x DVD+R for ya. No label on it, just an unrelieved shiny silver top. I don’t have a working digital camera anymore, but this should satisfy your curiosity. :slight_smile:

Physical Format Information (ADIP):
Disc ID: DAXON-AZ2-00
Book Type: DVD+R
Part Version: 1
Disc Size: 120mm
Maximum Read Rate: Not Specified
Number of Layers: 1
Track Path: Parallel Track Path (PTP)
Linear Density: 0.267 um/bit
Track Density: 0.74 um/track
First Physical Sector of Data Area: 196,608
Last Physical Sector of Data Area: 2,491,711
Last Physical Sector in Layer 0: 0

My first DVD-R was Emgeton branded FORNEX101 with terrible PI /(>600) results, but it’s perfectly readable…
My first CD’s were 4× Maxell (probably Ritek) and Imation (old CMC Magnetics :a )

First DVD media RICOHJPNR00 2.4x DVD+R. Some old burns are still readable!
First DVD burner HP DVD200i 2.4x

First Blu-ray media Verbatim 2-4x BD-R (MID: Verbatima)
First Blu-ray burner Panasonic SW-5582. Now mostly use LG GBW-H10N and Memorex BD-Rs (Made in Japan).

[sorry just got to insert those last three lines] :smiley:

I’m sure. LOL :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

My first discs were:

  • Dirt cheap CD-RW labeled AMS (Ritek type 0 - Plextools, old CDSpeed, Plasmon - CDSpeed 4). I bought it for testing. It cost less than a Verbatim CD-R.

  • Verbatim Super Azo 40x (Mitsubishi type 3)

  • Verbatim DVD-R 16x (MCC 03RG20). I produced a coaster from it on my first very expensive and very bad DVD burner Teac DW-516GB, also known as a Lite-On and maybe also Sony DW-D26A. Then I got very dissapointed in DVDs as a whole.

  • Verbatim DVD+RW (MKMA02)

I still own these discs and am currently listening to the Verbatim CD-R for nostalgic purpose. I started using recordable CD and DVD when the technologies were already mature and it will proably be the same with the next-gen formats (that is if either one of them ever becomes mature).

[While searching for threads/posts about Princo media, I found this thread. So here I am.]

My first DVD media:

I believe the first media I used were Sony branded SONYD11 :clap: , Memorex branded CMC MAG AE1 :clap: , and Maxell branded RITEKG05 [not sure; need to check, though] :eek: . This to go with my HP dvd writer 530i [SOHW-832S] :smiley: , which I miss [in the old computer that my dad now has along with a SOHW-1653S]. I think it took me a month to actually burn 10 of the discs total; nowadays, if I only burn 10 discs a month, it’s a very slow month.

My first CD media:

Can’t remember. I know that I had a Mitsumi CR-4804TE 4x CD burner as my first burner, and I think by the time I started burning, 8x media had come out. However, my dad had an even older–but still 4x–CD burner and 4x CD media. I stole some for him before making my own purchase. Ripping was done on my Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-116 [40x speed for CDs; made one of my discs actually shatter one day :eek: ]. The rest is history.
[Mostly involving the Mitsumi with 24x Maxell media and, later on, a shiny new LTR-52327S w/ 48x Sony and 40x Maxell media.]

If you are wondering, yes, all of the CD and DVD recorders here are still available and still work like new. I can’t say that much for the discs, though [broken/trampled/outdated/multiple CDs replaced by 1 piece of DVD media]. I still have the Mitsumi, as well as a 4x Philips drive in my sister’s old Presario from around the same time. The LTR-52327S is with the SOHW-832S and 1653S at my dad’s house. I also still have the Pioneer DVD-116, and do still pull it out and test with it from time to time [even though 2x TRTs on SL media tend to be uneventful]. Also in my possession is a 48x [locked to 40x by Sony OEM firmware] Samsung CD Master CD-148E CD-ROM drive that came with my VAIO that I will probably use to backup my CD-R media some day soon.

The Ritek media has gone bye-bye. :Z See Below. [Was playing a movie in the middle of the screen caps; that’s why there are boxes in the pictures.]