MIDs used/first MIDs used?

My first MID was SONY D11. :clap:

I might post a list of media codes that have went through my burners later on… it’s way too long.

My first MID was RITEK G05, Datawrite Yellow.

Boy, did I learn quick :Z

[OT] My first discs were fake MXL RG01, some 1x and 2x Optodisc, and some assorted media codes, both fake and real, sold under the brand ‘Sky’, although they were silver top unbranded. Some of these fake discs in particular are very translucent and disturbingly cheap, but amazingly enough even the cheapest of fakes have held up fairly well for the most part, only the Optodisc media failed (and very early on at that). I tested my early burns with TRTs and occasional retests, and at that time I was just looking for the cheapest usable discs since media was expensive at that time. :stuck_out_tongue:

This would probably be a good separate thread, MIDs used and first MIDs used. [OT]

[OT]So was mine. They were Ridata branded though.[/OT]

Hehe, OK, since this seems to be a “hot” subject, I’m gonna split off the MIDs used replies. :slight_smile:

Okey then… I guess I have to cross-post and then warn myself for cross-posting! :stuck_out_tongue:

In addition to burning too many types of CD-R media to list or even remember them all, I’ve burned at least the following DVD media codes, some of them in several flavours:

MCC 01RG20, CMC MAG. F01, RICOHJPN R01 02, RICOHJPN R02 03, ProdiscS03, ProdiscF01, MCC 003, MCC 004, MCC 02RG20, MCC 03RG20, YUDEN000 T02, YUDEN000 T03, TYG02, TYG03, MAXELL 002, CMC MAG. AE1, CMC MAG. AM3, TTH01, TTH02, TDK002, TDK003, Sony 16D1, Sony D21, RITEKF1, CMC MAG D01, MKM 001, RITEK 008, RICOHJPN W11, RICOHJPN W21, MKM A02, MCC 01RW11n9, MCC 01RW4X, MKM 01RW6X01

And some media codes I have bought but not burned yet:


I avoid all “house brand” media and anything that smells like SuperDuper AAA+ Grade media, I also avoid many brands that shall remain nameless, although I did buy some Memorex DVD media right after I bought my first DVD burner because I didn’t know any better at the time and they were much cheaper than other media at the time.

First DVD media bought and burned were Verbatim 4x DVD-R (MCC 01RG20), and shortly after that a load of Memorex 4x DVD+R (CMC MAG. F01).

The identity of my first CDs are lost in the mists of time back in the 90’s.

3-day sin-bin? :bigsmile:

Looking forward to hearing your opinions on the CMC and Maxell MIDs - burn them, burn them! :bigsmile:

My first batch of blank DVDs had a SONY08D1 MID.

My first CD-R was MIJ TDK (TDK made ones) and my first DVD-R and +R was That’s branded TY.

Mxlrg02, TY02, Yuden000 T02, Cmc Mag E01, Cmc Mag AE1, Mcc 003…

Ok , let’s face it people !
When we started getting DVD media we knew “nothing” about MIDs :wink:
We only knew brands :

Sony,Samsung,TDK,MAXELL , etc , etc

My first discs were Samsung Pleomax 8X DVD+R (I always preferred the + format although I knew nothing about the difference !) I bought Samsung because they were the only reputable brand and MIT , others were MIC or MIHK crap here in Egypt , then LG MIT which turned to be CMC MAG E01 .
I had Pioneer 109 drive that time and it was burning and playing everything fine (It was cabable of burning E01 discs rated@8X at 12X), then I got Pio 110 which couldn’t read my E01 , so I thought this MID must be crap :disagree:
I then got Benq 1640 and Pioneer 111L and for my amazement they both read E01 discs flawelessly and the 1640 made beautiful scans out of them.
Then became a cdfreaks member and people who sell media here look at me as if I were an ALIEN :bigsmile:

My first discs were made by " Apple " believe it or not.:iagree:

My first was PRINCO 1x to work along with a Pioneer 103 (none of them readable now)
Next was RITEKG04 for a Pioneer 106 (a few are non-readable but most are still readable).
Prodisc R03 for an NEC 2510 (no problems reading)
Then T02 and MCC003 for NEC 3500 (no problems reading)
Now i use mainly MCC004, T02, MBIPG101R04 and MCC003 for my own use.

Now I don’t feel so bad about the G05s :wink:

“When we started getting DVD media we knew “nothing” about MIDs”

Everyone’s experience is different.

When I bought my first DVD burner (Plextor PX-712A) and my first DVD media, I already knew about quality scanning from CDs so I wanted the same thing for DVDs, and I could see the media codes in PlexTools after inserting my first blank DVD. But I didn’t know about which media codes were good or bad or anything like that.

I actually waited a very long time before I upgraded from a CD-RW to a DVD burner, because I wanted the price for the best drive (as I understood it) to fall below 2000 DKK (€268). That Plextor drive cost me 1395 DKK (€187) and the first blank DVDs cost 40 DKK (€5.37) a piece. The Memorex DVDs were a steal at 5 discs for 100 DKK, i.e. half the cost of the Verbatims.

I knew nothing about DVD media until I’d gone through about 4 or 5 different brands. So I’d always buy based on price.

My first burner was an NEC 2510A, the first box of media I purchased was a Verbatim mixed pack with 8 8x DVD+R (MCC 003), one DVD-RW (MKM A02?), and one 2.4x DVD+R DL (MKM 001).

At that time I was building computers semi-frequently for others, and Newegg would throw in a 10 pack of free (Newegg branded) 8x DVD-R with a burner purchase. This media ended up Ritek G04, and these still play and scan fine to this day. Next, Circuit City was selling 25 packs of 4x +R for dirt cheap (12$ / 25 IIRC), which was CMC Mag F01. These also scan excellent and play fine.

Then I bought some TDK 8x -R (TTG02), Maxell 8x -R (MXL RG03, IIRC), Verb 16x (MCC 004), Fuji 8x -R (Prodisc F01 or S01, don’t remember), Ridata 2.4x DL (Ritek D01). All of these play and scan fine a couple years later.

All of the above media was purchased knowing nothing. I must have gotten lucky, because to this day (up to three years) I haven’t had a problem with any of my discs.

Along with those, my other “first media” (bought on my first visit to PC World) was Panasonic branded TYG01.

I traded some of them for Philips C08s though :doh:

Mine would have been Ritek G03, Traxdata branded i think. First CDR’s i think was Verbatim Metal Azo and/or TDK (TDK own mid)

CDRs…first ones I used were Kodak Gold ones, and they cost about £1 apiece IIRC :eek: