Midnight Snack



I am very hungry, I have not eaten anything since 5:00pm and it is now 12:00am, what should I have for a midnight snack?



Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Just got up and going to work in a few…


amazing…tax just got up, im just about to leave work.
no wonder people found it so hard to believe the world is round.

or was it flat ?
hang on, ill just look out my window…


Pizza? Don’t you think that is poor nutrition for a snack that late?


kebab, a girl :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally posted by craig0007
Pizza? Don’t you think that is poor nutrition for a snack that late?

Isn’t that the whole idea :bigsmile:


There are lots of nutrition in both pizza and hamburgers. Just it’s the “evil” nutrition, and for some people it is too much and they can’t get rid of it. In itself, pizza is really good food, both tasty and nutricious.

Unless you eat those microwave-pizzas or pan-pizza… :Z


the micro pizzas are nasty. But some of the oven cook/unfreeze them are really good. And nothing, but absolutely nothing beats pizza after a night of partying the next morining




The Dutch people (and perhaps the German too) might know this one:

Dr Oetker American Pizza - Hawaii

That one is the best. Of course not prepared using microwaves, but in the oven…19 minutes at 220 degrees Celcius and…yummie…guess what I will be eating tonight now :smiley:


if you want a good midnight snack, nothing beats a good kebap:p


Get those mini donuts. Munchkins, they are called i think.


I like al kinds of snacks… but pizza is undoubtley the best one ever.

Every once in a while, we (DN with friend(s) and/or girlfriend) visit our local pizza-snack-bar, where you can great pizza for just €5.

Hmmm I am getting hungry again, but since I had about 3 pizza’s last 5 days, I better not :slight_smile: