Midnight Club 2 and BWAs

Alright, so I’ve been browsing this forum looking as to how I might make a copy of my MidnightClub 2 CD, since I scratch my cds alot (from failing to put them away :-P) and wanted a back-up cd…

unfortunately, CloneCD doesn’t work with the securerom version 4.X, and I tried doing the BlindWriter program, but I couldn’t find anything about making a BWA (I downloaded version 5.X). I presumed that BWA creation was in an older version, and thus searched for them off of google, and couldn’t find any.

So, if anyone could guide me in the direction of either getting an older BlindWriter program, learning how to create a BWA with BlindWriter 5, or maybe just a whole different program, that would be great

eh i can’t edit, so i decided to post an update…

the update is: i used alcohol 120% and it didn’t work… sigh

You can get a BWA here and may use this guide.

okay i have my images from twinpeak… what next?? i’m completely lost, i had a guide off this forum, but now i can’t find it, and kalas your guide doesn’t tell how to use the twinpeak images and subs and whatnot

If you can’t figure out kalas’ (excellent) guide to backing up with blindwrite, try this guide or this one.

It’s all described there EatChex89 :confused:
I would suggest reading it a second time or follow philamber’s suggestions using Alcohol or CloneCD in combination with twinpeak method.

Or you can try the even simpler step by step method that I’ve posted in this new tutorial.

Really though, if you read kalas’ tute carefully, you shouldn’t have any real problems.

yea so i did follow the guide, and I used the patched ISO image (the .ccd file) and re-burned my CD with blindwriter (my clonecd trial is over…). Didn’t work again, this is the 5th CD i’ve wasted :stuck_out_tongue: lol… but so i’m thinking of using makeacopy’s secuROM cloneCD profile on my other computer which still has a functional version of clone cd.

anyway… does it REALLY matter if I read/write in 32X and not the low speeds (8X)?? Because if it matters, then I’ll just write/read in 8X, I don’t want to ruin another CD.

I think you mixed some things EatChex89, my guide is just using BlindWrite5.x in combination with BWTweaker. No .ccd files, no seperate patching and no use of CloneCD. You just need your originals, BlindWrite, BW5Tweaker, a BWA and the SecuROM protected CD that’s it. To avoid coasters use a CDRW so you don’t waste any CDRs which also is the case using CloneCD+Twinpeak or Alcohol+Twinpeak.

p.s. for BlindWrite method I would suggest slower speed…

i did actually use your guide using just BlindWrite 5 and BWTweaker… unfortunately this didn’t work for me either. and i did the write speed at 8X. maybe it was because I didn’t open the BWTweaker again before burning the CD??

Okay so i followed the guide… and blindwrite 5 needs an image file to write from… what do I use? Kalas doesn’t specify it in his guide…

“After this click Run BlindWrite, insert a blank CD (you can’t use CDRWs using Plextor Premium “varirate” feature, but you can use CDRWs for TwinPeak method) and start writing.”

any help?

Know I think I got your problem and I should add this you’re right. You’ve got to use the image you dumped using the BWTweaker settings. I think the reason I didn’t mention this as after you dumped the image it’ll be present also for reading as Source. Hopefully this quote from the CD Freaks Offline Help Release 1 will solve this problem.

You can download it here The CD Freaks Offline Help Release 1 there’s a more detailed description with screenshots using this method.

thanks alot kalas!

i finally got it to work!! so now i’ll use my backup copy instead of the real CD. haha took me hours to get it, but now i know what to do next time :slight_smile:

thanks again!

so I realize I’m bringing back an insanely old thread, but I need another copy and most of the links in this thread (apart from the internal links) are dead.

Is there any updated way to copy SecureRom 4.8?

You can use the same method for CDs as you used before or check out the tutorials http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=81 and look for SecuROM.

I used the twinpeak software which isn’t available anymore… or i can’t find it.

With Blindwrite like in this thread or Alcohol, CloneCD?

Thanks to blackcheck and spath, you can get it right here at CDFreaks. :clap: