Midi problems!



I have a msi kt3 ultra series motherboard and Reason 2,5(softsynth/seq), i´m wondering that how i´m gonna get it working with my (hardware)digi 8 track?Here´s my problem:i have this pc cable that has two midi-heads on the one end and a pc socket on the other…okay,now here the nightmare begins,how i´m gonna make the pc understand that when i push rec and play from my 8 track,that´s when reason should start playing???My friend told me that i should find a driver for this…is there such drivers?I´ve been looking that driver for a week now,about,and it´s not looking good,or maybe i´ve been looking in the wrong places??Help if u can…:bow::frowning: :o :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: