Midbar's Datashield installed in 5 manufacturing plants in Japan

I just posted the article Midbar’s Datashield installed in 5 manufacturing plants in Japan.

Midbar, the developers of Cactus Datashield has today announced that the CDS processor, the encoder of the Cactus Data Shield copy control system, is now installed at the five largest manufacturing…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3732-Midbars-Datashield-installed-in-5-manufacturing-plants-in-Japan.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3732-Midbars-Datashield-installed-in-5-manufacturing-plants-in-Japan.html)

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blablabla… “…without compromising either playability or the sound quality of the original recording.” CDS affects audio tracks not the TOC so audio quality could be affected, especially on old cd players. key2audio does not affect audio quality and I think is more honest to the user. I own a lite-on 48x reader. No problems with key2audio.

The concept is very simple, but companie(s) like midbar,sunncomm still do not comprehend “If it can be seen or heard it can be copied digitally” Why is this difficult to understand?

Well, I assume Midbar and the rest is well aware of the concept sspade100 is talking about. But the trick is to make it prevent enough people from being able to copy it so that they can trick big wealthy companies into buying their crappy protection for big $$$.

I don’t see why any company would bother with this type of copy protection. Any ordinary person could defeat this with a CD player with optical output and a computer with optical input. I would also remind people that Midbar is an Israeli company and that now is not really a time that those of us from the civilised world would want to purchase any item that contributes to the economic wellbeing of a racist murderer state.