Midbar vice president: Our protection is not 100% safe

I just posted the article Midbar vice president: Our protection is not 100% safe.

Ludwig Van Mozart used our newssubmit to tell us about an Interview with Noam Zur, vice-president of Midbar. Midbar is the company behind the copy protection Cactus DataShield (CDS). The vice…

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LOL! They know how to make the perfect copy protection: an audio cd which can’t be played by any drive or player :4

It is only possibleunder particular conditions, with certain associations of reader of CD, chipset and software. Chipset!? yeah write, and you have to stand on one leg and chant Oli, Oli,Oli and magicly the latest version of CCD will reappear outta nowher(online), and presto instant copy of some lame pop groups latest attempt to soak girls under the age 12