Microtests Virtual CD & clokspl.exe

I cannot build *.fcd s from CDs with a “clokspl.exe” (or something like that).
The remaining time for the build Process grows and grows for every ignored failure and the *.fcd Image never seems to get any bigger than 512kb or so …

Can somebody help me?

P.S.: I`m sorry for my bad English …

clokspl.exe indicates that the CD is protected. It is protected with SafeDisc v. 2.0 If you use CloneCD you can make a CD that works. There are certain settings though. If you get the ClonyXXL prog, it’ll tell you exactly what settings to use with a CD inserted the Drive

Hey iHaV0FrNdS

I find your post incorrect.

The CD containing clokspl.exe is NOT protected with SafeDisc v2 but in fact SafeDisc 1, you know - the old one.

OK Kauz -

With commercial software you will have difficulty creating a virtualCD of this protection. What I recommend for you is “Daemon Tools”. Search on an engine and you will surely find it. This tool was created with Copy-protections in mind!