Microstar Motherboards advice needed



Hi, I recently built my pc and the reason 4 this post is that when i decided to build my machine i had my heart set on an A-bit se6 motherboard.

Unfortunately the shop where i bought all my parts from didn’t have one in stock, so i ended up buying a Microstar MS-6337 Lite motherboard instead.

I have a pentium 3 866Mhz FCPGA cpu with fan which this board takes nicely.

What i want to know is; r these motherboards a good brand name or should i have waited for the A-bit or maybe bought a Gigabyte board instead?

I’m just a bit paranoid that MSI motherboards might be a Mickey Mouse cheapo firm, can any 1 put my mind at rest pls.

Thanx 4 listening.
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MSI is maybe not the best known brand of Mobos, but they produce great quality. A few years back they were small and had some problems now and then, but today they are a really big manufacturer of motherboards and produce fast, stable and reliable motherboards (for example the MSI K7T pro comes highly recommended for AMD).

Just because Abit and Asus are well known doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who produce quality motherboards. Chaintech, Epoc and Gigabyte are brands I would not recommend over MSI, though those aren’t bad either.

My toplist would be:
Asus / MSI (depending on the type of motherboard)

Hope this eases your mind a bit…


Thanx 4 the info Da_Taxman u have put my mind at ease, i appreciate u spending the time to read and answer my question.

This has really helped me out thanx.


That is what we are all here for, to help eachother.