Microsoft's Zune: how the grip on consumers' freedom secretly tightens

I just posted the article Microsoft’s Zune: how the grip on consumers’ freedom secretly tightens..

An interesting article from BetaNews sheds some light on how desperately Microsoft wants to get their Zune player into the market, and exactly what effect this could have on the whole paradigm of…

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Companies like iAudio and other manufactuers not held acocuntable to America’s monopoly of greedy entertainment companies will continue to create products to which this drivel does not apply. And savvy consumers will continue to avoid LemmingHood and buy them. Those who buy crap from Apple, Sony, MS and the like DESERVE what they get.

Where would the zune and the ipod be if the RIAA had won their case against Diamond multimedia company for the RIO? Just type riaa diamond multimedia into Google for a quick trip down memory lane. Probably wouldn’t be a zune or ipod if they’d won. Anyone care to guess how many BILLIONS would have been lost by electronics companies, wholesalers, retailers, repair shops, and the movie industry itself if the VCR had been killed? If you have an exact figure I’d like to know.

Well Roj, I’ve recently bought an 80GB Apple iPod so according to you I deserve all I get. Well maybe you need to be told the reality of owning an iPod - while there may be DRM infected music available to purchase via iTunes, no-one is twisting any iPod owners arm into buying it, and I have quite happily filled my iPod with non-DRM’d mp3s from my CD collection. In fact, music is actually cheaper to buy on CD than via iTunes so there is no incentive to use iTunes for music. My point is this - although DRM exists, it is completely avoidable as long as hardware manufacturers continue to allow consumers to use mp3s and other non-DRM based content on their devices. Having said that however, I will be concerned if/when the day comes when when hardware is released than only supports DRM’d content and nothing else. But to be honest, and hardware manufacturer that does this is signing their own death warrant.