Microsoft's Xbox has been cracked ...?



I just posted the article Microsoft’s Xbox has been cracked … ??.

jl used our newssubmit to tell us that the Microsoft Xbox seems to have been cracked. A group called ProjectX has released almost 40 games now which differ in size from around 400MB up to 1500MB…

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This sounds awesome! Its actually probably a good thing for MS! Cause, once the X-Box is moddable and ppl can play “backup” games thru it, its popularity and sales will skyrocket, hence more games will be developed, and more money will be made and so on and so forth! The PS2 is currently outselling the X-Box, a) cause its got more games available b) Piracy! this development should help the X-box against the PS2 on these two fronts. It will be interesting to see how it all develops anyways… regards, Br@yza!


Just for Info.Microsoft sales the X_box at a loss of $100 apiece. They make all the money from game sales.


the real crack will be to make xbox games work in PC. Then it will be the real end.


they wont work in a PC because the Xbox has a more advanced memory architecture. Atleast I don’t think it can be done. I guess maybe someone could crack each game if they had the source code but that would ammount to creating a port yourself, something which companies spend 100’s of man hours on.


Yet another fake:


First off, Microsoft is not loosing money on their Xbox. No Company in the world is stupid enough to sell something that they are not making money off of. Now the other thing is, Cdfreaks, I love the Disclaimer, that was really funny


Interesting topic! Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:


when the xbox originally was released, microsoft was indeed selling them at a loss of 100 $ apiece. now, however, with falling chip prices and everything else, i’d wager the loss is much smaller. to chalbing, many companies in the world sell things cheaper than they can manufacture them. its called price dumping in most cases. its a great way to gain market share. the xbox games should be able to be cracked for a pc, simply because an xbox is a mini-pc.


chalbing, companies can sell products at a loss, its not an uncommon practice. One example is mens razors, you sell the handles dirt cheap and make a killing on the blades. The same deal with consoles, you can give away the machine for a loss, but make a killing by taking a cut of every game sold.


I remember reading somewhere before the Xbox was released that it had no region protection on their games because Microsoft said it would be pointless. Anyone owning an Xbox want to test this?


Actually the XBox is a lot like a PC. It has an IDE hardrive and runs on a modified pentium 3. Any program can be ran on another type of machine. It’s called emulation. However, when running software on a machine it wasn’t built for you have to run extra instructions to trick the software into thinking it’s the same machine, and more instructions to simulate through software what is usually done with faster actual chipsets. This is why when you emulate a program it runs very slow. Because all the hardware that doesn’t exsit on the PC needs software instructions to get around it. However, even though it runs slower you can put a faster CPU in the computer and make up the speed difference, so it will run at full speed.


I don’t agree with DinZy, because what I’ve heard elsewere and see on this url: The xbox is a 733Mhz PIII with 133Mhz FSB and 64MB DDR SDRAM, a Nvidia card and an 8GB IDE hard drive running a stripped down version of Win2000 (=a slow pc). Ok, they say both the cpu, gpu and os is customized, but since it’s so similar to an ordinary pc I don’t see why we shouldn’t see a working emulator (or cracked games) very soon.


Ok, chsbiking came to the same conclusion before I finished my reply :wink: But I don’t quite agree with this sentence “This is why when you emulate a program it runs very slow.”. It doesn’t have to run very slow just because it’s emulated. It depends on how much extra instructions the emulator has to do compared to the original console/computer. In this case I would think the emulator don’t have to do very much extra at all since as we say the original platform is very similar to a modern pc AND slower. So I wouldn’t be surprised if I within the next couple of month could be playing xbox games on my current computer (Athlon1200/512MB RAM/GF3)


Hi I Think the PSX (first playstation ) is the best selling platform becouse almost every one who has one has a modchip in it people will buy the consile and just get copyed games… If you cant get cheep games the product will not sell And yeah colin mcrea 2 works damm good in my AMD 1600+ XP with g force 3 :slight_smile:


Soulddrinker, the CPU may be slower but the system is definately faster. Have you ever heard of Reduced Instruction Set Code (RISC?)? Well then you will realize why it takes a 500Mhz P3 to emulate a 100Mhz N64 or a 100Mhz P1 to emulate an 8Mhz SNES! The architecture of the system is different. Huge amounts of memory bandwidth, customized videocard features, etc… will be very hard to emulate to speed because the Xbox is dezigned strictly for gaming, unlike the PC… Hope you understand now…


to put an end to the rumours many of us in the ps2 scene have been discussing this… yes they have been released (and for some days now)… no they DO NOT WORK on non dev boxes. That was an apple dvd-r label pasted over an orignal… IT DOES NOT WORK! peace out


there is no modchip yet, though games are keep getting released. see the updated list at the source site (


Dandaman, first of all, Xbox’s CPU is a CISC Pentium3, and most certainly not RISC cpu. Second, while RISC cpus can be faster than their CISC equivalents, they are most certainly not able to surpass CISC cpus with twice (or three times) their nominal Mhz speed… The fact that current CISC cpu PCs easily ecclipse their RISC CPU imac G4 equivalents serves as proof to the latter. Also, to claim that the Xbox has “huge amounts of bandwith”, is to either misinformate or lie. The Xbox’s COMBINED bandwith for BOTH CPU AND GPU is 6.4Gbs/sec. Compare that to 6.4Gbs for the Geforce3 ALONE in PCs, or 10Gbs/sec for Geforce4 Ti, and you’ll understand that the xbox has a lower bandwith than its equivalent PCs… Last but not least, wrt needing a “500mhz p3” in order to emulate a Nintendo64, allow me to say that you are being dishonest. N64HLe works perfectly well with my 300mhz celeron-a/voodoo2 system, and that’s all there is to it… Next time you decide to post, please educate yourself before spreading misinformation and myths. Thank you.


“Busy weekend huh ? We had an amazing response to the NEO-X at Bowlers on Saturday. Thanks to John at Pirahna for loaning half of his stall :slight_smile: OK we’re gonna update you on a few things. NEO-X all along has been able to play these backups released by Project-X. We just couldn’t tell anyone until the releases went public. So to confirm yes they all play on a retail XBOX unit. It can boot all unsigned code and modified XBE’s. We’ve used CDR / CDRW / DVDR / DVDRW, and you will also see DiVX, MP3, VCD Players soon as well as internet browsers, Linux tools and much much more. It’s going to be an exciting year for all XBOX fans. Now here’s the bad news. Our situation has still not changed with regards to selling a full mod or even just the import only mod to the public, it just isn’t worth the legal hassle. However i’m sure you’ll see mods popping up from other companies who operate underground - the risk is just too high for us to pursue. It’s been a lot of fun proving that it can be done though :)”