Microsoft's Really Hidden Files v2.0



I just posted the article Microsoft’s Really Hidden Files v2.0.

If this is true its scary…

There are folders on your computer that Microsoft has tried hard to keep secret. Within these folders you will find two (major) things: Microsoft Internet Explorer has…

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It can read all the email it want’s, i use Eudora email client


For all Windows users, A DEFINITE READ !! Really, not kidding ! This is some pretty f*cked up sh!t !


This article is total bullshit, I think more experienced computer users will agree with me


Well this can hardly come as a shock for people :slight_smile: but for some people like me that tend to restore image file or reinstall often its not that big of a prob :slight_smile:


What a pile of CRAP!!!


rofl … bullshit indeed … :r


Well I’m using Tiny Personal Firewall and it notified me several times that Explorer want to send a data packet to So its no bullshit.


I saw that the article only showed exampels from none-nt based windows. Anyone knows if the same thing goes for nt-based windows?


Hey, none of us love MS, but deltree-ing your history and cache folders is a bit too much - besides, uninitiaded users (that are the primary target of this article) could really mess things up. Get a grip man!


yah moron… its called CACHE! Of course it has your porn… those are kept on disk for speedier access. And whats this about the “magic blue screen”? Oooohh you mean Edit.exe? Please.


The boogyman is moving around Hey just use wincommander and you will find those dir, hit the del button and no problemo(if you don’t need anything in the dir ofcourse like cookies) :stuck_out_tongue:


Sick dude! :r


This certainly looks like alot of bull. Sure, I think maybe Microsoft has alot of hidden stuff. they don’t want people to find out there OS secrets and such. But this guy is really paranoid I think.


This is somewhat true I know for a fact. I’m not just speeling an opinion like a lot of you did. Inside the ‘Temporary Internet Files’ Folder there are some zip files hidden inside there that I know for a fact are hidden from both explorer and dos. They are given non DOS compatible names and so you cant view them in DOS and I know explorer doesn’t display them. I’ve checked a few times. Inside the zip files it stores a lot of information. The reason i know they are there is from when my OS was fucking up once. I tried deleting the files in the ‘Temporary Internet Files’ folder and it gave me an error message about the folders it could not delete. I use ZipMagic which makes zip files appear as folders and it was fucking up so windows was trying to delete a zip file but finding what it thought was a folder. Windows does store some stuff that it does keep truely hidden. There is probably more but to find out you would have to have a dual boot with something like linux on it and use that to explore all the windows directories.


well somehow i dont care … i re-ghost my system once a month … so im not very affected by this … anyway all of my software / hardware is stolen :wink:


Hey Nila, I delete this folders all the time. you can see the folders with ACDSee believe or not. Then delete each folder and your done. :d


LOL, what a bunch of BS, makes the cache sounds so evil. Bashing MS on solid ground is OK, but telling propaganda, half truths and complete lies is just five grades below.


You can say that it is BS all you want but I just deleted 50 mb, so if you don’t do it for privacy then do it for space.


this guy is a fucking retard. Anyone who knows anything about computers can see this plain as day. He even tries hard enough to prove himself stupid bye telling us that dir /s /as should show us the content.ie5 directory, when any retard knows that this won’t work- content.ie5 is a hidden directory inside of a system directory. the proper way to search for it would be simply dir /s /a Did I mention, this guy was a fucking idiot?