Microsoft's patches DRM with record speed, but FairUse4WM counters

Posted by George Ou @ 5:00 am

Microsoft bypassed its normal monthly patch Tuesday cycle and delivered the fastest security patches ever for the FairUse4WM DRM stripper in a record 3 days from the day it became known. But FairUse4WM 1.2 has already countered the patch and is stripping DRM just as fast as it ever did with one exception, it no longer works on music subscription services and WMA files that have expirations on them.

FairUse4WM version 1.2 will only work on WMA files that were purchased (usually $1 per song) so that it cannot be used to abuse subscription services and allow people to download the entire music catalog and disable the DRM. This may be a good compromise that will hopefully avoid such a panicked reaction from Microsoft last time to protect its partnership with the music industry and the subscription services like Napster, Yahoo, or Urge. People who have already purchased music legally but want to play it on any of their own devices feel too restricted by the DRM technology and desire the ability to strip those limitations, but completely stripping the DRM protection will allow the WMA files to freely replicate on peer-to-peer networks which terrifies the music industry. As a result, the struggle over DRM and the cat and mouse game of crack and patch continues.
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This is a great little tool for legally obtained DRM-laden songs, and certainly in that case, it should be used. I have the receipt and credit card statement for an album worth of songs I downloaded from MSN music, but had DRM. Although I backed up the licenses, I almost wasn’t able to play those 15 songs when I had to do a full reinstall. That royally teed me off, so I’m glad this tool was around, to “free” my songs from their DRM prison. For a while I was thinking I’d have the blasted files there and not be able to play them again. :frowning: