Microsoft's new secret project: HomeStation

I just posted the article Microsoft’s new secret project: HomeStation.

CestLaVie used our newssubmit to tell us about an article at PC Format. It’s about a new project of microsoft. It is some kind of home entertainment device, with the codename…

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Lets see: It’s made by Micro$oft It runs Windoze (crash, crash, crash…) Sounds like a pile of !@#$ to me :r

hey nighthawk, don’t forget the fact that you can’t upgrade it. when 5ghz PV’s come out you can kiss it goodbye.

Another attempt to world dominance.

Good point Zyron. I guess Micro$oft expect people to shell out $$$ for a new model when it becomes outdated :r

It looks pretty good to me. And you say “outdated” , just because something isnt the best or the fastest anymore does not mean that it will just stop working. Your PC motherboards at the moment wont support a 5GHz CPU either , but you buy those !!!

And another thing while im here. Nightpork seems to say “It runs Windoze (crash…” , Are you still running 98 or me , or perhaps your still a 3.1 man. Youd think with your upgrade fetish you would be running 2000, or even a pirated XP version of windOWS by now and realise that you can leave your PC on for weeks without a single crash !

No M$ friggin way in hell!! It’s really amazing how M$$$ keep insulting ppl’s intelligence by expecting us to buy crap products over and over again. No upgradeability…please :stuck_out_tongue: and it’ll probably “only” be +$500 at lest as well, geee lucky us huh :slight_smile: