Microsoft's new media player: too little, too Zune?

I just posted the article Microsoft’s new media player: too little, too Zune?.

Most people who keep up with technological developments will realise that tomorrow (Nov 14th) is the day that Microsoft are planning to steal some of Apple’s iPod thunder.It is, of course, the…

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well if you got monthly payment, then what’s wrong with demoing a song from a friend? enough to pinpoint a title and get it to like then just download it from microsoft’s music store and listen it as long as your monthly payment is in order and i’m not english and I did my best…

I know everyones claiming this whole 3 plays then it’s gone scenario but is that really with ALL songs or just one with DRM built in? If I have a plain old mp3 on my player and it’s a recording of say a lecture - is it really going to throw some DRM onto it and make it only play 3 times? I’m HOPING that this is only with files that are added that have DRM in them already and so have limits as to who can play them. For all standard mp3’s I add to this I sure as hell hope I can transfer them as much as I want - if I can, then I could see this as quite a useful feature -especially as we’re starting to see companies offer free music as long as you take an ad with it or something.

Hey Mikey, you forgot to mention that Zune has a 3" wide LCD compared to Apples tiny 2.5" screen.