Microsoft's less restrictive media player irks studios

I just posted the article Microsoft’s less restrictive media player irks studios.

Recently we posted that Microsoft had put less restrictions in their upcoming home entertaiment operating system: Windows XP Media Center Edition. For customers this was a relativly good sign but…

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So what if someone records a PPV movie. They pay 5 bucks for the thing anyway. All the PPV movies are so old that they have already been officially divx’ed or xvid’ed months before.

There should be no limitations at all if i ourchase something from a dvd to a pay per veiw movie.If i paid for it i have the right to view it.All these companies are going to find out the more you lock things down the consumers are just going to give up interest.You think the computer industry is hurting now just want and see how bad it can really get.Just sit back and watch them put themselves out of business.They dont care about our rights so why should anybody care about their rights.

This will be interesting… the MPAA putting the heavies on m$crosh$t… OooooH the drama…:7

Well the idea is that you will buy a DVD for your DVD player ($20usd), then you will buy a DVD for your computer ($50usd), then you need a new DVD player because the ones out now are too simplistic, protection wise, ($200usd), then you have to buy a new operating system that will run the new DVD drive ($200), then turns out you need a new CPU that supports the protections the new operating system requires ($500 because they are brand new), and then it turns out that none of the software you currently own will work on this new OS, so you need a new Office ($750), new photo-suite software ($400), new video editing software ($500), new CAD/modelling software ($800-1200)… oh and did I mention that all of these things have to give the RIAA/MPAA a royalty for use of their copyright protection? oh yeah, they will require a 25% fee on all hardware made, so that they can “keep creating innovative ways to protect artists welfare”. Gotta love it! :r

Is’nt just horrible that how Microsoft decides to make there OS in terms of copyright protections has to go through legal threats. Why don’t guns gp through legal threats. Apparently its like saying copying something is worse then killing someone. If Congress is the one whose making Microsoft go through legal issues with how they make their OS, then FUCK Congress and the movie industry!!!

Fuck Microsoft,and Fuck The entire entertainment industry.Their Capitalistic Greed has caused me to never want to buy another,DVD,CD,Software program,or game ever again.I’m a Pirate for life now:d

What I dont get is how these morons can dump MS with the responsibility of trying to provide copy protection. Surely that’s THEIR job not MS’s. If THEY dont want people copying stuff then THEY have to come up with ways of doing it. If my life worked the same way their lives seem to then I could say: I want my car washed, then go tell someone else to do it without paying them. hmm, what a life that would be :slight_smile:

Here’s what I don’t get. Hackers, and programmers, and researchers made the Internet. Not companies. It was put together by people that wanted it to remain free. Then all these companies come in and start making money off it. And now they tell everyone else how they should use the Internet and what they should, and shouldn’t do with it. If MS and big corporate America wants to control the Internet, I think they should go get there own and leave this one alone.