Microsoft's April security roll-up blocks Windows update in 7 & 8.1 for new CPUs

Just a month after Microsoft’s website confirmed that new CPUs will not receive support, Microsoft appears to be actively blocking Windows update in its April 2017 security update (KB4015546) and April 2017 roll-up (KB4015549). Users with newer processors such as Kaby Lake and AMD’s Ryzen are reporting that updates are being blocked following the installation of either update. When the user tries checking for updates, the following message appears:

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Not supporting Windows 8.1 on this hardware is an underhanded move, and will leave Microsoft vulnerable to class action lawsuits. I can’t think of a similar event in the past for a Windows operating system still in mainstream support.


Problem here is we agreed to their TOS license and they are the decider in Chief. So there is not much one can do or say about it. So one has to decide go Windows 10 or be left unprotected O/S updates. It’s quite clear what they are telling everyone if you want the older O/S then you use at your parial or not be connect to the WWW. I think Microsoft is putting the writing on the wall. Whether ones older system will take Win10 that is another story. I have my older laptop installed with Windows 10 and thye run without problem so far. They are marking one make the choice sooner then later.

Well, that’s at least one lost hardware sale AMD/Intel can thank Microsoft for. I will stop using 7 or 8.1 when I’m good and ready, not because Microsoft is trying another underhanded move to force people onto 10. When the time comes I may as well just buy cheaper older hardware and stay up to date for another 3 years+.

Microsoft are getting far too demanding! they expect people to use their Windows operating system but now expect it to only be used how Microsoft says! that is too much, in my opinion and i hope they learn from this further mistake since releasing Windows 10.
since the latest update (which doesn’t say what it is going to fix, so we have no way of knowing what other malware is being installed on our machines, i have found that i can no longer insert a flash drive and have it open automatically to show the contents of the drive, as it used to before this update. i have followed various instructions to try to correct this issue, all to no avail. very frustrating.
i cant help but think that what is going on since the release and forced install of windows 10 that there is far more collusion between Microsoft and the various US security forces and much more personal info is being sent than we realise, despite the various tweaks that have been made available to try to prevent this ‘pinging back’! i have to say that i wont go to Windows 10 because of the insecurity it gives me and that i will start the learning curve of Linux first!

After some reading and fiddling around with a disassembler last evening. I managed to at least disable this verification on a Windows 7 virtual machine that I made believe it was running on Kaby Lake hardware by modifying \Windows\System32\wuaueng.dll. Had to do the following steps while in an administrative command prompt in \Windows\System32 directory

  • Stop Windows Update
  • Take ownership of wuaueng.dll using takeown /f wuaueng.dll /a
  • Grant permission to modify wuaueng.dll using cacls wuaueng /G:{Username}:F
  • Modify wuaueng.dll (see below)
  • Start Windows Update
  • Search for updates again

In my case, I only modified the table with the Intel CPUIDs that are not allowed. There was a table containing the following bytes, that I just replaced with zeros
E8 06 04 00 E9 06 04 00 E8 06 05 00 E9 06 08 00 E9 06 09 00
Didn’t see such a list for Ryzen, however you can as well just search for the strings “AuthenticAMD” and “GenuineIntel” and replace them with something else. This should work too (untested)
Others reported success with simply using older versions auf wuaueng.dll

Whatever change you do, make sure to backup the original wuaueng.dll first.

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You and me too brother. I have been a Windows user since W95 but am starting the process of learning Linux. When I do, all my computers are going to Linux.

I strongly recommend everyone gives GNU/Linux a go. If you choose to duel-boot, and GNU/Linux doesn’t work out for you, all you loose is time.