Microsoft's anti-piracy plans spark controversy



I just posted the article Microsoft’s anti-piracy plans spark controversy.

CatPuke used our newssubmit to tell us that a recent software update for Microsoft’s Windows Media Player requires users to permit the automatic installation of undisclosed future anti-piracy…

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Bill Gates can go f@ck himself in the a$$. Damn greedy bastard!


Here at The Netherlands the law provides us with the folowing “Titel 6.5.3” Art. 185 to 19 book 6. Giving the Author of software just 7 arguements as means of defense. In this case none is valid. If indeed M$ does these things to my sytem. I will go to my Government and say am a refugy and need refuge, since they get a better treatment than i do :slight_smile: :frowning: ?


Does anyone who’s actually serious about digital media even USE Windows Media Player? That’s a whole buttload of system overhead just to play MP3s. I can run WinAmp without the bullshit and it doesn’t even interfere with the VirtualDub encoding that’s usually going on in the background. But if, for some bizarre reason, you feel you need WMP, just deny it internet access rights thru your firewall. (You’d be AMAZED at how often that P.O.S. wants to phone home)


I wonder if Micro$oft is really that bad too. They would be really bad if they did something where they could take over your computer. I encourage people to use something other than Windows Media Player to play their media. Also who knows what they might do to the OS through updates. Someone better watch Micro$oft because with something like this you just never know what’s to come. Don’t let them get away with something that bad.


Doesn’t this constitute something illegal?


Of course this is illegal. Invasion of privacy is unconsititutional. Smelling lawsuits yet, people?


Why would anyone want Windows Media Player? :d


The only way to stop m$crosh$t is to develope a viable alternative OS…fullstop…(that is, one that won’t be bought out in the developmental stage)…:7


:4 Well if Microsoft ever comes to this then they can go screw! I’ll be completely happy to run Linux as I’m dual booting both OS’s now and I won’t think twice about goin Linux fully.


More info on palldium and its significance here: