Microsoft Zune 30GB player suffers glitch



I just posted the article Microsoft Zune 30GB player suffers glitch.

Microsoft is ending the year with the displeasure of fixing a glitch that has hit Zune 30GB MP3 owners who are now suffering from a software glitch that causes the MP3 player to freeze on the Zune…

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Great. Microsoft innovates a new bug, for a relatively new product (one Microsoft year is roughly equivalent to seven human years – check out the time between OS releases, e.g.), and then only discovers it when it’s too late. Procrastination (read: incompetence) seems to be one of their strengths, if not also a social skill.
Bad enough that tax payers, consumers and businesses footed a bill totalling hundreds of millions of dollars for their Y2K debacle. (Oh. We forgot the century was turning. Our bad.) Now, owners of their failed “iPod killer” have to suffer yet another insult, beyond a significant degree of insult that obtains from the simple fact of owning a Zune.

When does it end? It ends when Microsoft discovers a bug that dissolves their incompetent corporate mismanagement. Oh, wait. That bug was already discovered but, because Microsoft is Microsoft, noboday cared. Except for those zanie Microsoft Kool Aid drinkers who seem to believe that every POS Microsoft creates is touched by Midas himself.

Thanks again Microsoft. You’re nothing if not consistent.


I had this problem and did as suggested drained the battery and reooted it today and it works like it did prior.


Yawn! SkateNY, you’re soooooooooo original.