Microsoft Xbox 360 specifications leak

I just posted the article Microsoft Xbox 360 specifications leak.

 Xecuter2 used our news submit to tell us he spotted this very detailed information about the upcoming Xbox 360 over at ActiveWin.                   The article starts off by letting us know ...
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direct news copy w/ typoes and all MNz = MHz (sorry, i saw this news yesterday)

Erm 3 x 3.2 GHz processor = 9.6 GHz?

Chriso you forgot to mention that these are hyperthreading cores… so, you should also add a 2x factor (practically is less than 2x)

Erm 3 x 3.2 GHz processor = 9.6 GHz? 3 x 3.2 GHz processor = 3.2GHz

Nice, HD support from every game and forcing developers to use custom soundtracks, both are definite pluses!

Nice specs, but I think 10 meg graphics RAM is a bit stingy considering 32 meg cards cost very little nowerdays. I like the removable hard disc, It’ll make it easier to stick Linux on :d

16-bit audio for DVD playback??? What is this junk? Creative Labs type audio? CRAP!!!

It has 512MB GDDR3 RAM for video and operates at 700Mhz… I think thats more than enough… The 10MB is probaby system memory… Im sure they will crack this and upgrades will be possible along with mod chips…
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10mb is EMBEDDED memory in the video-card…this means that anisotropic or antialiasing won’t have slowdowns.

>roj 16 bit is just fine :X

Roj> 16bit 48khz playback is better than CD quality. In fact since there’s no sound synthesizer in the Xbox, you HAVE to play CD audio tracks or mp3 music from the DVD disc. Perhaps you are confusing music bits with cpu bits. On another tangent… a 3 core 3.2ghz cpu that’s multithreaded??? That’s some insane amount of power, these are going to be some badass looking games. Also multithreading doesn’t double the potential of the cpu. For starters the games HAVE to be coded specifically to take advantage of multithreading, and if they do, will experience a 10%-15% boost at most. That’s real world results, not the theoretical results that Intel claims. And in order to achieve that boost, your game has to be doing many things at once (hence a thread) so it will probably benefit online games and games with very complex AI stuff the most.

I’m confused about the NEC DRAM in the ATi. ¿Why is the system ram GDDR3? GDDR3 = “Graphic DDR 3” Y think that those numbers are mixed up.

No the numbers aren’t mixed up. The machine has 512MB memory available for graphics. No complaints here :slight_smile: The 10MB embedded memory will just speed up certain other graphic features.