Microsoft works on Windows for Cars with Metro GUI – screenshots



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft works on Windows for Cars with Metro GUI – screenshots[newsimage][/newsimage]
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Good luck with that. I would never trust MS software in my car. Sync has been a disaster and Ford was smart to ditch it. I’m betting Apple’s Carplay wins this round.


So … The terms “crash” & “blue screen of death” move from software to analoge hardware.

I also agree that programming standards at Microsoft seem too sloppy for mission critical applications.


If Windows breaks, I wonder if my windscreen insurance covers it… :slight_smile:


Just what we need, a car that drives itself to the dealership daily for security patches and updates to Java and Adobe Reader.


Look at the bright site, at least Microsoft won’t misuse the software to track your car. After all, it;s not like them to perform survailance on its own customers agianst their will.

Oh, wait… [b]YES IT IS!!![/B] That’s why no one at my house will ever be getting an X-Box One, because what we look like, and what we say isn’t any of Microsoft’s business!