Microsoft working on Vista HD-DVD support - but not Blu-ray



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 Yesterday, we reported that Vista would not have native  support for HD-DVD playback, at least right off the bat. This came from a  story published at CEPro. The author of that article sent an...
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More irrelevant corporate VP, MVP, mega VP, MVIP posturing, but boy am I glad this can keep a “large, dedicated team” at Microsoft occupied full time. That saves us from much worse things they could happen if the “large, dedicated team” was let loose.


Wise strategy from MS, afterall Blu-ray is supposed to equipe Playstation 3 from the competition (Sony) to XBox (MS), that supports HD-DVD… And nobody can accuse them about bad market practices… For the consumer, both will try to control our machines out of our will, and have the ability to change firmwares and install rubbish that can shutdown your PC due to criteria of their own…if his materializes, and considering the prices, decision to join the hurdle is a bit far away…