Microsoft working on BitTorrent type P2P app - Avalanche

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 This is  interesting. It also makes sense. Developers for Microsoft in the UK have been  working on a new P2P app designed much like  BitTorrent. Redmond recognized that aside from...
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As if anyone is going to trust Microsoft and start using this over bit torrent. All this crap about bit torrent being flawed because it needs to use trackers is sh!t too. The recent update that decentralises BT makes trackers less important. Microsoft - Who shall we rip off today?

Given MS’ stance on DRM, why would anyone use this filth?

“In beta testing, Avalanche distributed a 4GB file in a day to several thousand of its software beta testers” Who the hell has a upload that fat (well apart from Microsoft)! ISP’s are going to be hopping mad. A lot of then will terminate your contract if they can prove you use a P2P as they say it hogs the bandwidth, slowing everyone else down, plus they say you will get all sorts of nasty spyware / virus’s so “For the security of everyone else” you get chucked off. Can they say that with a Microsoft endoursed app? Probabaly not :d
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Perhaps some of you are missing the point. This isn’t an attempt to overthrow Bittorrent. Microsoft will likely initially use this for distributing their own software, updates etc. If this proves popular and successful, I’d imagine they would then try to get software companies to use their technology. At the moment, you don’t see too much legit usage of Bittorrent. What would the percentage be anway? :slight_smile:

bit torrent is a p2p system designed to share files openly over the net avalanche it looks like is a closed network designed to deliver product updates and software downloads to customers to cut on server usage. the two are entirly different, only the basic premise of how it works is similer, MS will not take over bit torrent, and avalanche will not be used as a p2p network, thinkof it like a giant server, when u update ur mahcine, u get the dl with less wait time and hopefully faster dl speeds

MicroShaft can stick this right up their collective … :B Seriously, who is really gonna trust this? lmao

Good for corporate use :wink:

Exactly, WHO would really so dumb to use such a c**p???

U guys are missing the point. It’s as globster is saying - it’s just designed for them to use themselves to begin with to ease the weight off of their servers and presumably save them millions. They’ll probably then start licensing it to other companies to use to make them money as well. World of Warcraft already uses BitTorrent to distribute its updates - MS is just trying to do the same butg with their own technology.

Go read the comments that Bram had to say about it over at Hey. If its made by M$, then its gotta be good. Right? :r

“In beta testing, Avalanche distributed a 4GB file in a day to several thousand of its software beta testers” so msdn members who are at work (probably using atleast a T-3 or better) were able to share a 4gb file in 1 day w/ a thousand users. sounds about right. now if they were on dialup and were able to do that, then i would be IMPRESSED.