Microsoft Word Trojan virus attacks spotted in the wild

Microsoft Word Trojan virus attacks spotted in the wild.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Microsoft has certainly seen its share of security vulnerabilities this year, and the latest threat making the rounds is targeting Word users on Windows systems, the company warned this week.

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Or, if you don’t like Oracle but want “big company” support, there is Lotus Symphony: :smiley:

And there is the community-driven Libre Office:


A good fix, use Word Viewer and set that to open word docs, then RUN word when you actually want to edit something - or use a context menu tool to add a rightclick “edit in Word” option.

Word Viewer is (afaik) immune to macro exploits, as it doesn’t do macros.

This seems to be not a macro exploit.

But at least MS thinks the viewers are not affected:


If users would configure Windows Update correctly, there would be no issues. The patch was put out there on November 9th, the ifrst articile that I have seen regarding the virus in the wild was from MYCe today - maybe a day or 2 ago.

Microsoft cannot protect users from their own ineptness.