Microsoft Word Help

I’m having a problem with MS Word. I’m having trouble wording exactly what the problem is, so here’s a picture.

It’s a little big, but it shows the problem quite clearly. There are paragraph symbols wherever I start a new paragraph, dots wherever I hit the spacebar, and that arrow when I indented. Even though they don’t show up in print, they really annoy me when I’m working. Does anyone know how I can turn these off?

One of the toolbars has a ‘paragraph mark’ on it that toggles that stuff on and off. That’s how I used to turn them on and off. Otherwise you’ll have to search the menus for display options.

Click on the Tools menu and choose Options. Under the View Tab you will see a section entitled, ‘Formatting marks’. You will notice that either the ‘Paragraph marks’ or the ‘All’ boxes are checked. To get rid of the Microsoft Word paragraph symbol in your document, you will need to uncheck these boxes