Microsoft withdraws Windows 10 October 2018 update after deleted files

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Microsoft has stopped rolling out the latest large Windows 10 update to all users. The reason are reports from several users that discovered that some of their files and folders were deleted after the update. We reported about the issue two days ago.

I was not effected by the data deletion issue as I have been running 17763.1 since Sep 26th. seems they pulled Win10 1809 about Oct 6th as it was first officially available on Oct 2nd.

my guess is they are going to have to release a new build for RTM now given the data deletion issue can be a major problem for some people on 17763.1

also, it appears from what I have been reading that if your Documents folder still has data there then your fine as it appears it’s a all or nothing type of issue. like if you are effected then pretty much everything in the Documents etc folders will be deleted otherwise everything will be fine. “C:\Users\UserNameHere\Documents” is how you can check your Documents folder. I don’t have much in mine in general as I never save anything too important to any of the effected folders outside of stuff they generally require that you save there as in my case it’s just a couple of saved game files currently.

p.s. but if one wants to play with 17763.1 you can still download the ESD file and using this… (which downloads ‘decrypt-multi-release_v180925.7z’) ; one can make their own ISO. here is the ESD file for Win10 x64 English USA users… ; this method is what I initially used to upgrade on Sep 26th. but for the average user they are best off NOT doing this because your potentially at risk and will almost surely have to download a new ISO etc once they sort out the data deletion issue. NOTE: the method I post here is legitimate as the ESD file is directly from Microsoft and that other file was linked to on Twitter by user @WZorNET which is a known legitimate site for Windows stuff so you don’t have to worry about any viruses etc.