Microsoft withdraws update causing Outlook to start in Safe Mode



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft withdraws update causing Outlook to start in Safe Mode[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft has withdrawn the yesterday released Windows Update KB3114409 because it causes Outlook to start in Safe Mode. This loads the email client without customizations and plugins. Fortunately it can be easily fixed.

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The article is a complete oxymoron! - releasing a patch to fix safe-start …that fails to fix the safe-start… but you easily can fix the safe-start problem by uninstalling that patch? WHAT?

OMG, that must be extraterrestrial intelligence


I am experiencing the Outlook opening in safe mode problem, Discovered the “fix”, i.e. uninstalling the patch that was supposed to fix the problem but didn’t, Went to program files. saw all the updates of today but the patch to fix the problem but didn’t and was to instructed to uninstall was not there‽ (So, the update which allegedly was to fix the problem doesn’t fix the problem how will uninstalling it fix the problem‽ I don’t even have the the non functioning patch to uninstalled. Restarts, reboots, etc. don’t do richard! This is duckefudsepens in extremis! I wanna Outlook Dangerously. Can anybody help?


This article was so helpful. It was easy to follow, fixed the issue and my Outlook is back to normal.

Thank you for your informtion, time and support.



Which Version of Outlook are we talking about? Had to go a find it and it was with Outlook 2010. I use Office Enterprise 2013 and had no problems. So I think this article should says which version of Outlook it is referenced to.


Thank you soooo much! It was driving me %&$@#*ing crazy!
Could not figure it out…


The installed updates history shows update KB3114409 being successfully installed but I cannot find it listed in "Programs & Features->Installed updates.

I have windows 7 with office outlook 2010 - outlook is in safe mode/

Any advice?



Leigh. In order to remove this update in windows 7 you will need to click start, run, and type in wuapp. this will bring up the windows update client and from there you can click installed updates at the bottom right of the window, search for KB3114409 and when it shows up you will want to right click and choose uninstall. I had to do this one a computer in the office this morning. good luck


I’ve uninstalled the KB3114409. I’ve rebooted my machine twice, and the “Safe Mode” still pops up. I’ve verified that I’ve uninstalled the update, so I have no idea why this is still coming up. Any suggestions?


The unnistall worked for me but every time I shut my computer down at the office the update reinstalls and I have to do the uninstall all over again when I turn it back on. How do I prevent this update from reinstalling? Thanks!


Your fix only works until the next time it installs the update again. Which means Microsoft has not recalled the update.

TO FIX PERMINATELY: After computer has restarted go and check for updates. View important updates, then right click the update and hide it. This will prevent the update from being installed again.


TO FIX PERMINATELY: After computer has restarted go and check for updates. View important updates, then right click the update and [U]hide it.[/U] This will prevent the update from being installed again.

This does not always work.
I have had no problems here uninstalling this update


Hello, my Office 2010 is still coming up in safe mode. I have searched for KB3114409 and can’t find that. I have also removed add-in’s and created an entirely new profile for outlook that does not look at my old .pst file, but it still continues to come up in Safe

Thoughts? I appreciate your help!



This update keeps installing after I reboot, putting the user into safe mode. I have unchecked it from updates but it still installs regardless. The update was supposed to be removed but obviously it was not. Does anyone know of a permanent fix that actually works? Any suggestions would be great!


Keep getting an error message  won’t let me uninstall the update.  any thoughts?


As of today I have uninstalled it on 4 different computers and it has not come back.
All Windows 7 Pro
Not like the other one that keeps coming back ( KB3035583 )


O.K. This may or may not help:

  1. Unpack this zip-archive to your hard drive2. Right-Click [B]UninstallUpdates.bat[/B] and choose [B]Run as administrator[/B] from the context menu
  2. See if there are any errors and make a note on them.
  3. Press any key to exit the window
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Update this thread with your result (errors/success)

The following is the contents of the script which uses the wusa stand alone installer:

@echo off
wusa /uninstall /kb:3114409 /quiet /norestart
wusa /uninstall /kb:3035583 /quiet /norestart

I did put in a pause in the script to allow you to copy any errors prior to exiting… Let me know how it goes… You may of course add more lines to the script if you have other pesky updates you want to get rid of… Just remember this: the KB numbers should be descending meaning the newest one should be at the top. (220 Bytes)


Thanks Xercus
I will try this out when I catch that one again, I have hidden it several times and it still comes back to try and load.
The one for the Outlook as stated I have had no problem uninstalling that one and it not coming back so far on any of mine.