Microsoft withdraws another update – company’s patch system seriously flawed



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Microsoft has withdrawn an update for PowerPoint 2013 which causes serious issues for users. Besides that, Windows users also complain about another update released last Tuesday.

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I don’t install Windows Updates right away anymore and haven’t done so for quite a while.
Need I explain why? :disagree:


System Refresh was the only way I could find to recover from the PowerPoint error on a Surface 2 (RT). The patch was part of so many others that a real rollback was not that easy. One thing that did NOT work as expected while I was trying to uninstall updates was that, while I could see them all, I could not get a checkbox to uninstall selected ones. At the time, I could not find anything via searches that helped isolate the specific update anyway.The refresh worked and I lost no data (had it backed up anyway) but there were unintended consequences. The worst of which was that Outlook (desktop) had to be completely re-setup, and it took awhile to sync everything (couple of accounts, Exchange servers). After the refresh, I waited a bit, then did a disk cleanup to get rid of windows.old which was taking up some of the limited SSD space. I have a 64G version, Mont sure how refresh would work on 32G Surface 2.


Windows Updates work great for me, and my 200 users. Who uses powerpoint? One in fifty users?
Windows RT rules!! not a virus in a whole year! 35 salesmen! NOT ONE VIRUS, TOOLBAR, spyware, java, realplayer or itunes crap


Seriously, I never update Windows Apps right away. I, too went through some issues with the apps lately…