Microsoft Windows XP OEM sold illegally?

I just posted the article Microsoft Windows XP OEM sold illegally ?.

blade666634 used our newssubmit to tell us that he bought Windows XP but it seems that even when you don’t get it pirated Microsoft has no mercy.

Interesting question. I purchased Windows XP …

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Hey I now this story. I had ones a Legal copy of Win98SE OEM, cost me around euro 200. I did ones an update on internet via windows update site and my system was F**ked. So I called MS and they said to me that I could drop dead because my version was an OEM so I had no rights at all for help or backup. So is it strange that I don’t trust MS? Greetz The Observer

I just want to update you that i phoned the company today that sold me this version and they said that as long has you buy hardwear they can sell to you but apparently they get it cheaper of MS so they then can sell it to us for what ever they want but remember i bought a motherboard not a pc so how can they say i bought a new pc what about the rest hard drive case cpu thats not a pc the right name for oem should be called no frills because if you look round on the net and retail and shops you can get the upgrade for £79.00 boxed version the and you get more for you money as the oem that i have got it will not format your harddrive like the upgrade and you don’t get support so who now is braking the rules MS or the internet shops or ms for letting them get away with it you never no i might have let the cat out of the bag :d

Are you telling me you acutally buy microsoft products!! Save your money , Untill microsuck treats its costomers halfway decent ONLY USE PRIATED MS STUFF or buy something else.

OEM support full version boxed;EN-US;Offer31A&FR=0&SD=GN&LN=EN-US& :{

MS OEM / Retail licensing is … well find your own word :slight_smile: You can buy/own an oem license if you buy a motherboard or a hard drive. But … your oem license is ‘melted’ with this piece of hardware … if you get rid of it … you get rid of the license too. :frowning: MS do not support oem version at all. Retail is supported for the first 90 days … after that give them more $ or € if you want more. :r More info: Go to MS products -> Windows -> Type:OEM. Hope this help. Observer 200€ for 98 oem … that’s way too much !

How are they going to tell you didn’t buy the copy together with your computer?

has with windows boxed version you get the full telephone support but with the oem you will have to pay for it microsoft will tell you to go back to the manufacture where you bought it form so i don’t recommend anyone buying it and make sure when anyone orders it, make sure it not the oem and get the boxed version for just over £80.00 so what the point in buying the oem and losing all the support its not worth it and on top that when people do get a new pc wye is it not supplied with it like the pcs you buy in pcworld and all you get is the recovery disk side of it :frowning:

Blade, Re-read carefully the last version of the m$ license policy. You get 90 days support with the retail version. After what you are bond to pay as oem owners do … up to you to decide if it is worth the money. As for ‘recovery disk’ … it is part of m$ policy :d. With that they are pretty sure you cannot reuse your license (bios checksum/dedicated partition/…) on the pc you will buy in 2 to 5 years.

blade, OEM products tend to be sold with hardware, such as a memory, mouse, etc. The seller cannot sell OEM version of WinXP when you didn’t purchase the hardware. You can sue them if you want. By the way, OEM is no different than BOX version. So just use it with a crack, or get the corporate version instead. Good Luck!

Yes, the recovery disks may enforce the oem bundling, but you can always use Norton Ghost (available cheaply- $11 US - on eBay) and a burner to back up your hard drive. Norton Ghost is very obliging, and will transfer the image to any hardware you like. Many recovery cd’s now use a restricted version of Norton Ghost to restore your OS anyway, so the full version of Ghost should actually let you use the original recovery disk on any computer. Not to sound like a commercial for Norton. :wink: