Microsoft: Windows Defender was never vulnerable to AVGater attack


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An vulnerability in the quarantaine feature of several antivirus applications does not affect Windows Defender, according to Microsoft in a blog on its website. The vulnerability, called AVGater, was revealed yesterday by security researcher Florian Bogner.


[quote]According to Microsoft it’s a relative old attack vector and Windows Defender has never been vulnerable to it, according to Microsoft, “because it does not permit applications launched by user-level accounts to restore files from quarantine. This is part of the built-in protections against this and other known user-account permissions vulnerabilities.” [/quote]Something good here consider how poorly rated sites rates Defender in doing it’s job but seemingly is better prepared then high flying brand name A/V products. This gives one pause as to why Defender can work when it gets reviewed so poorly makes you wonder whom is being paid to give bad reviews for someone’s benefits.