Microsoft will unveil “Windows 9″ on September 30th



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft will unveil “Windows 9″ on September 30th[newsimage][/newsimage]

Windows 8’s successor, codenamed “Windows Threshold”, will most likely be unveiled at a press event currently scheduled for September 30th.

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They better have no metro taskbar otherwise it will be a worthless O/S to have. How hard was it to let the user choose the UI or a mixture of UI settings. This is what is called thinking inside the box-not true outside of the Box.


If the vast majority of the market didn’t choose win 8.x, why would they be intersted in 9?

Unless something bold happens like ultra fast (250mb/sec+)1tb SSd drives drop to $99… I don’t see people like being enthusiasitic about building/upgrading to a new o/s…

TB’s of flash memory will be important to the PC biz in the coming years, but they need to get the prices down! HD/ultra hd streaming video boxes & smart tv’s are just some of the killer apps for arrays of ssd drives.


Most of the best WIndows OS release have been incremental. 95 to 98 to XP to 7.

Generally the best thing about a new OS is that they are designed to run better on new tech (and often support new tech… ie include drivers that older OS’s). Thus it’s nice to have Microsoft put out a decent version of Windows every 5 years or so to deal with new technologies that came a long.

It’s still only been 5(?) years since Windows 7 came a long. Will people be in a rush to get the new OS? Maybe?

Will the new OS make people more likely to start buying windows based laptops again? Probably.


I can say that while win7 was not initially the best in terms of driver compatibility or required minimum specs, they since rectified that mistake. The new so-called technologies are kind of expensive at the moment… so there is not much room for the $1000+ PC price to make a comeback in this economy. Tablets and streaming media devices have also taken away some of the desire for a PC & the media center PC niche. My guess is windows X (10) will be a big hit…

BTW, if you notice… when there is little to no uptake in the secondary market for OS’s… MS keeps releasing new ones until it does have a hit… that will most likely be windows 10 (not 9)… possibly a time when MS will leave 32 bit computing in the ash heap of history (think of how long it’s been around). Will we see x128 or x256 bit processors?