Microsoft will spend big to fight Google

I just posted the article Microsoft will spend big to fight Google.

To get the word out that its upcoming search engine Bing is better than Google, Microsoft will spend between $80 million and $100 million.

That is a huge expenditure according to Ad Age, which…

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Poor Ballmer. The search wars debacle, watching Google getting stronger and stronger, richer and richer, making inroads onto their traditional turf (web browsers, mobile OS, soon netbook OS) must be hurting the poor chap quite a lot.

We should not forget that, according to third party reports, he vowed to f… kill Eric Schmidt.

And their answer to all this: Bing! :bigsmile:

I can hardly ever imagine a search engine working better than google, but it is feasible, then by all means MS bring it on

A video with more info about Bing search engine