Microsoft will soon launch tool to easily convert iOS apps to Windows 10



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft will soon launch tool to easily convert iOS apps to Windows 10[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft seems to be serious in its plans to make it easy for developers to convert their iOS apps to Windows 10. The number of apps in Windows Store is currently fairly limited and by allowing iOS developers to easily convert their apps to Windows 10, this number should dramatically increase.

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While this is not a bad move from Microsoft, I can’t help but thinking that Astoria also would contribute vastly to regain ground in the phone market. Then again, who knows if they will be recording all activity done from the phone as they currently do in the desktop environment…
Once Microsoft started to record excessive amounts of data, they added a layer of insecurity concerning all incarnations of the operating system at the same time.


Wow… I never though I would see the day when Microsoft releases a free (as in freedom) and/or open source program. Of course, given how short and permissive the license is, and given Microsoft’s on history dating back to the open letter to enthusiasts, I’m willing to be that the software has non-free/closed source binary blobs. Still, even that goes against Microsoft’s own philosophy of “screw freedom, give us money.”