Microsoft will download and upload Windows 10 Updates through PCs of other users by default

We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft will download and upload Windows 10 Updates through PCs of other users by default[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft will not only distribute Windows 10 Updates through Windows Update, but updates will also be automatically downloaded and uploaded through computers of other Windows 10 users.The setting will enabled by default, Microsoft announced in a blog on its website.

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and what about those who have limited data plans? is Microsoft going to pay the ‘fines’ for over usage? yet again, Microsoft oversteps the mark and gets users to do it’s dirty work for it! how dare it expect me to give someone else the ability to use my internet connection, thus saving Microsoft the costs of running a server! and to have the setting turned on by default is a mighty big piss take!!
time for everyone to move to linux, me thinks!

Man how low can we go…seems like scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

The Redmond software giant also claims that downloading updates through the local network of companies lessens bandwidth consumption up to 50%.
Really they figure this how?

So, I could take a Microsoft Windows update, add some malicious crap to it, and it will get sent to other computers? Sounds like a good day to be evil!

I’m not sure it will be that easy TSJnachos117… there are some checks performed. While I know you can cheat a standard CRC, it is not used anymore.
That said, I can see the day coming when someone actually manages to do what you suggest. With this move, Microsoft do let go of the control they had for updates and relying on integrity checks, may prove not to be enough in the long run.

If someone actually does it, it will be an even better arena than social media sites for spreading malware :eek: