Microsoft will allow downgrades from Windows 8

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Not too related to this but a little I have a story to tell.
My Lenovo tower came with Vista installed . At the time I wanted XP on it as many Vista users did. I thought I had a way to do it .
I had looked up the computer specs on the Lenovo site .
For my make & model it listed XP as the OS. So I contacted Lenovo & told them I wanted them to give me a copy of XP so I could have the OS that was supposed to be installed as per the specs. Of course I was told that their web page was outdated for my model . That what I purchased was how it should be & if I didn’t like it I should have purchase one with XP installed .
So I lost that one but it was bad customer relations on Lenovo’s part .
My attitude was & is you are a computer manufacturer if any company should keep their web pages current you should. All I know is I won’t be purchasing another Lenovo product .

Kerry, that’s good news. Whew, for a minute, I thought Microsoft was only going to offer to convert our equipment - keyboards, monitors, mice, etc, - into a Windows Phone.
“Wha-?!! You don’t like Win8 on your PC so we naturally converted it to a device we know will work!” [/I]

I guess that ShrinkRay App is part of the Blue feature-set. As in “hold yer breath until you’re…”