Microsoft: we're going to pull the plug on Windows 10 S next year


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Microsoft will stop offering Windows 10 S as a separate operating system, starting next year. Instead, other Windows 10 versions will be able to go into ‘S mode’. The changes were announced in a tweet by Microsoft’s VP of the Operating Systems Group, Joe Belfiore.


Honestly, if you really want a “light weight” operating system, you should really consider using GNU/Linux. Unlike Windows S GNU/Linux doesn’t engage in illegal anti-competitive behavior by forcing it’s users to use their proprietary browser/web search engine (except Chromebooks, I assume). Remember in the 1990s when Microsoft could be held accountable for that?

Anyway, the discontinuation of Windows S sounds good… I think. However, even the Professional edition of Windows is a steaming pile of garbage in its own right.


If I lived alone or with other people who are highly computer literate, I certainty would being using linux (or one of the bsds) exclusively.

Unfortunately when living with computer illiterates, Linux/BSDs becomes a nightmare of dealing repeatedly with improper shutdowns. No matter how many times I explain to computer illiterates how to do a proper shutdown, such individuals will never shutdown a Linux/BSD computer properly at all.

This is the primary reason I am still using Microsoft operating systems. The computer illiterates I live with only know how to do a proper shutdown on windows.


I hate to admit it, but Bill Gates was a genius for aiming MS windows operating systems for computer illiterate types to use.


Just out of curiosity, what Unix-like filesystems did you use?


Back in the day, slackware Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD (back in the mid 1990s), SunOS (before and after Solaris), Ultrix, and NextStep. To a lesser extent, IRIX, HP-UX, and AIX.


The main thing I really hated about the unix variants in those days, was that it took a lot of elbow grease to get code to compile which wasn’t trivial. Especially code on different unix variants.


Fast forward to today with many unix variants largely extinct, it is easier to write something which only has to compile on Linux, FreeBSD (or OpenBSD), or ms windows. Nowadays I wouldn’t waste my time with trying to get something to work on SunOS/Solaris, unless it has to be run on sparc hardware.


Nevertheless, I still use gnu stuff for writing my own C code on ms windows.

Gnu stuff like the emacs editor, bash shell, gcc c compiler, etc … and unix style utilities (ie. ls, etc …).


In terms of strictly filesystems, ext2 on linux in the late 1990s. I dropped all the unix/linux/bsd stuff altogether, before stuff like ext3 was mature. (I dropped freebsd and netbsd much earlier, when mosaic was still the only browser that was easily available on the bsds).

The other big reason I ended up on ms windows, was that the computer illiterates I lived with insisted on using all those crappy video plugins in those days. They would always be complaining about their videos, etc … not playing on the linux versions of mozilla/netscape browsers due to missing plugins.


This isn’t surprising, I don’t know anyone who was using Windows 10 S. You were better off installing Ubuntu or Linux Mint. I mainly got stuck on Windows 10 because I built a new PC last fall with an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X and although I had a board with PS2 support, my hardware was not supported in 7. I could have installed Linux Mint and honestly really like that OS better, but I need a couple of programs which do not work in Linux even with WINE or Crossover. I don’t mind Windows 10. It has its problems but it works for me.