Microsoft warns of security risks caused by end of Office 2007 support

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Microsoft in the Netherlands warns users and organisations who still work with Office 2007, that support of the office suite ends by October this year. After that, no more (security) updates for Office 2007 will be released. Using the software after October is therefore a security risk.

Well, it poses a severe risk to Microsoft revenue, if Office 2007 users don’t immediately buy licenses for a newer version.:sunglasses:

At work, I still occasionally use Publisher 2007 even though we have Publisher 2016 as part of Office 365.

We have over 1000 publications produced in Publisher 2003 and 2007 that do not open properly in Publisher 2016, i.e. formatting is a mess. Compatible office packages such as LibreOffice cannot even open them, let alone the newer Microsoft Publisher files.

In this case, I’ll create a virtual PC to run the older office package.

This is called CASH COW. Oh well software does age and one can still use it but the computer that has it will have to be offline to use Office 2007 to avoid problems if you want to still use it. But if one chooses to go that route remember outdated meand “OutDated” for a reason and does has big downsides if you do use it for doing calculations and the software is wrong you could face monetary damages if your not carefully about it.