Microsoft warns for new type of Java malware

Microsoft warns for a new type of Java malware that uses new methods to circumvent antivirus software. The malware is distributed through emails with an .rar or zip file attached. Inside these files the actual malcious Java file resides. Most emails are written in Portuguese or English, and appear to contain notifications for billing, payment, pension, or other financial alerts.

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This is the problem why are people opening attachments they don’t know whom sent them? If you don’t know what they are email the sender on your contact and ask them did they send this to you and if you weren’t expecting a attachment email why do you open it then?

You should always be careful when opening executable files from dubious sources. If someone you don’t know randomly says they are giving you US $39,650 for no apparent reason, you should really be suspicious of that individual.

It’s also worth noting that Java files can be run on any OS with a Java Runtime Environment installed, so it doesn’t matter if you have Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux, BSD, or whatever else. As long as your computer has an up-to-date Java Runtime Environment, it can be infected with this malware.