Microsoft warnings about WMP7.1 if u have 8.0

I just posted the article Microsoft warnings about WMP7.1 if u have 8.0….

Ok boys and girls, if u have Windows Media Player 8.0 installed, which of course is not out yet, your upgrade to 7.1 could turn out to be unsuccessful. This warns Microsoft.

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yeah, i’ve got Win ME, and i installed MP8… didnt work, crashes when you start it… then i installed MP7.1 over the top (chose complete reinstall from the setup)… STILL doesnt work! Luckily if you open the MP7.1 install EXE file with winzip, it contains standalone working exe’s of MP 6.0 and also og 5.5 irc… so i’m using 6.0 atm… wish i could upgrade to 7.1 or 8.0 =[ bollox to it.