Microsoft wants you to develop games for them!

I just posted the article Microsoft wants you to develop games for them!.

For all those who love and adore Microsoft, MS is offering you the once-of-a-lifetime opportunity: To create your own games, but allow MS to profit handsomely because you use its…

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I’m thinking of making a strategy game where you build a software empire up to monopoly level, buy off politicians to avoid anti-trust actions, force DRM down the user’s throats, dump millions on developing countries to coerce them into adopting a software platform which they can’t afford, and then get your picture on the cover of a major magazine under the guise of a humanitarian!

DOH!! :X

I’m thinking of making one that deals with tall poppy syndrome. From current observations, it’ll be a tremendous smash hit.

Geez, this is a good thing guys, quit trying so hard to bash Microsoft. I wouldn’t be playing Counter-strike if it wasn’t for a gaming company allowing stuff like this. Its even harder when it comes to consoles, since the hardware is usually locked down. This just gives more people a chance to work it. And would it really have to be a game? Couldn’t someone use the SDK to develope a media center or other application for the XBox?

Question, will they pay royalties for these games at the same rate that SONY BMG offers to it’s listed artists for downloaded MP3 music and ringtones ? :r

Yes MS will make money from your game, but so won’t you. And if the game is realy good, you will be signed by somebody. I see it as a win-win, haven’t ou ever heard the line “beggars can’t be choosers”. If you want a better deal, go get signed to a better game company or just write your game in C++ now and sell it online.
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