Microsoft wants Napster-like service

I just posted the article Microsoft wants Napster-like service….

The Reg has an article about

Micrsoft wanting to make a Napster-style service of its own called Farsite

Microsoft plans to ‘embrace and extend’ peer-to-peer file sharing technology with a…

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é–Y! gagagaa! Now MS try…?

everyone wants a piece of the pie

I bet those aswholes will integrate that farsite thing into a new windows, win2001/2 or something. So that everyone HAS to use it. It’s the way they are.

Ora il modo di fare di Napster (e soprattutto i possibili introiti) fanno gola a molti, eh Mr. Gates?!?!

who said napster is illegal


ms knowing it will crash

And if it won’t crash, they’ll just cash… Because i’m certain of it you will have to pay for the downloading… Just like Napster in the(near???) future

The monster from Redmond strikes again

well they have to bundle something with windows.

file sharing - isn’t this going to lead to suicide for m$ if we all get ASDL?

Correct me if I am wrong but there is already ´something like that and its called FTP.

they r just gonna add a new feature to it